ET guys are above average, so lets do a 9/11 poll

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FutTrd, Sep 12, 2006.

ET guys are above average, so lets do a 9/11 poll

  1. 9/11 is inside job, I saw WTC 7 video, I heard explosions

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  2. 9/11 is NOT an inside job, any theory otherwise is disgusting.

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  3. I just plain don’t know anymore, either way.

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  1. FutTrd


    Hi guys, whether you are right wing inconsiderate crazy whacko. Or whether you are left wing Pus*** who doesn’t know much of anything.

    We all know importance of 9/11,

    Its only fair to give my opinion first. I hear firefighters talk about level by level explosion. I saw WTC 7 video.

    Well, ………I am sure there is a bigger plan here, but people dying is always sad. :(
  2. pattersb

    pattersb Guest

    Well done, dingbats.

    "How Dare You Question My Patriotism! Even if I worked to perpetuate the insane notion that Bush is behind all those planes crashing into buildings, that's no reason to call me a traitor!

    So what if we convince the rest of the world that an American president is capable of committing such a crime in order to justify a war where he can kill innocent Iraqis!?


    There is no reason to regurgitate the "merits" of this claim, there are no merits.
    There a million more links to highly QUALIFIED civil engineers. Find Them and Read Them dipshits.

    I genuinely hate you fucking people. '
  3. FutTrd




  4. dont worry, hes a bushcock sucker, put him under your retard list and move on.
  5. Aok


    Dont know why Im responding to this but do you know anything about demolitions?

    For example, did you know that demolition experts when they implode a building take WEEKS to set the charges, determine probable path of collapse perimeter, and most importantly since explosives cost money, desire to use as little as possible.

    How do they do this? By drilling columns. By weakening key steel support beams and trusses up to 90% before they place the charge. To say that walking around the building during this time is dangerous is an understatement.

    How do you propose all this was done by men in black helicopters in 1 night let alone 1 week or 1 month?

    That said the govt certainly is not your friend. You are merely a sheep to be sheared for their benefit. If you believe WTC was demo'd their job is that much easier.
  6. trust me money was no object. and that is the whole point of wtc7, i.e. the demo would take time to plan. therefore, who demo'd it? lets ask the owner that admits giving permission to pull it.
  7. Why is the left so full of conspiracy nuts?

    I remember in college the left said Bush 1 created the aids virus.

    Everytime you lose an election it's due to some kind of fraud and now the WTC was destroyed by Bush to enrich him and his friends.

    Even with the tape of bin laden and his brainwashed brigade commanders planning 9/11 the left won't let the conspiracy go.

    Truly sad.
  8. FutTrd


    I ain't got that much against bush

    I just think he is little bit too "common"

    the only issue I have is the fact that firefighters say there were explosions before collapse

    I will not call New York firefighters liars!!!
  9. Not liars.

    Just simply wrong...
  10. mamamia


    Are you referring to this 30 sec clip? No mention of WTC7. bomb
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