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    There was a thread a while back about the best threads on ET (I think TriPack had it going). But I can't find it after a lot of searching.

    If anyone finds it, please put up the link. In the meantime, I wanted to create it again (in case its not found or lost in cyberspace). This is for everyone but especially for those who are new to trading or those who want to take another look and maybe learn something new.

    I'll submit two threads which I think are 'gems':

    rs7 re the psychological approach to trading (accountability):

    seanote's journal:

    There are many more out there, so put up your favourite and a little blurb on what it is.
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    search for ET'r deeman, he had only 52 posts and I believe he went back to a prop.

    Nice thread on how thinly traded stock and large orders are handled by the professionals.

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  4. Great idea Babak!

    Here's my submission. I think anyone new to trading should read this thread and all the supplied material. It is a mountain of material, but the insight to building a trading system is invaluable. Spydertraders discipline is phenomenal too, imho.

    -The New Guy
  5. Babak


    Praetorian2 (before Praetorian Capital and his meteoric success) generously sharing his GNP trade:

    Intro to P2:

    If you're going to try this with real money, read everything he says about it three times (not just the above links) then go out and buy a family size bottle of industrial strength antacids. :D

    btw is rtharp still trading?
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  7. I still trade GNP--- Still scary.
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