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  1. No one's ever in it. Why?
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    It started off small but was serious, active and on topic. In fact there were some very good ET traders that logged in regularly posting real time entries and exits.

    As it grew in popularity though many of the members who were frequenting the other ET chat room started migrating over to the futures room. For some time it wasn't uncommon to see 2 - 3 times more members in the futures room. However the number of off topic posts, including politics, started to out number the trading posts. One by one the guys serious about trading got fed up and left.

    Not unlike the ET web site/message board if you think about it.
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    It was a nice place for a while.
  4. Uh, trading is a very INDIVIDUALISTIC endevour. Don't see why anyone who is successful would spend any time in a chat room giving suggestions or telegraphing what they are doing.

    Unless they are a vendor or something.

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    Not necessarily. Even if you are successful, you can always learn new things in a chat room as well as get updates, tips, etc, on what others are seeing that you might not. Not to mention you won't feel so alone :)

    But there is also the possibility in that your trades or thinking could be affected by others in a negative way.
  6. Pev, you have hit the nail on the head..

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    Which is why you see trading floors that are jam packed with traders who are able to talk to each other and help each other. All traders at BB are constanly on AIM.
  8. gents I have been leaving some clues on what "works" for me

    in various ET threads

    and believe me ... it is not what you usually read or vendors

    it is basically an observation I knew mattered in real time
    trading but only now am I seeing the "lightbulb" on above my head

    and is so simple that most people just would not believe
    it if I told you

  9. Exactly.. good point

    I was always taught never to pose a problem, unless I could offer a viable solution. :)

  10. I'm interested, what was the lightbulb observation?
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