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  1. what are the great features you like about et?

    and what are the features you wish it had but doesn't?

    i am asking this because we are doing a private forum for one of our foreign trading groups and they have no idea what features they want or don't want.

    mark brown
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Good people are what makes a good message board, not features. The reason why people don't know what features they want is because there are actually very few features that people actually need beyond the basics. Basic messaging capabilities and a clean, easy-to-understand layout are really all that people need in order to form a solid community.
  3. I like ET's simple nature. It's not cluttered with millions of options, blinking lights, animations, etc.

    One gripe I have is with the "new post" icon feature, however. Often times I see the "new post" icon beside a thread so I click on it, only to find out that there has been no new posts. Or conversely, the "new post" icon will disappear even though I have not clicked on that thread. Does anyone else find this?

    Barron - perhaps you can explain the inner workings of this feature? It is not significant for my ET experience but I am curious as to why it does this.
  4. i agree et is a great forum - but i belong to some car forums like the corvette, lambo and luxury 4 play forum man those things are over the top - but honestly dont' know that you need all the junk they provide. i don't use all the features for sure. so maybe simple is better.
  5. EricP


    This happens because the 'new post' was created by someone on your ignore list. ET uses an off-the-shelf message board software package that limits the features available. This also leads to a lack of flexibility for making bug fixes like the one you mention.
  6. I don't have anyone on my ignore list so I guess it's just a software bug.
  7. Baron

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    The new post icon is not real-time. It basically updates once every twenty minutes. So because of that, there is a possibility that certain situations can cause that icon to not be accurate. For example, if a user submits a new post but then that post is deleted for whatever reason within a few minutes, the new post icon may show that a new post exists, but in reality that new post has been removed before the new post icon updates again at the next 20 minute interval.

    Obviously the solution would be for the new post icon to be completely real time, but the database load is simply too high to keep track of every post in every thread for every user simultaneously.

    This goes back to the 20-minute delay. The feature keeps track of threads that have new posts since your last visit. So on your next visit to ET, you will see many threads that have a new post icon. You have 20 minutes to visit those threads. After that, all of the new post icons will only reflect what happened over the past 20 minutes.
  8. i think one thing that is really nice about et is the width of the forum - most other forums have a little narrow box to type in and the et forum is as wide as your monitor. i like that. m
  9. Gyles


    I agree with the above. It is the "quality" and not "quantity" of content that matters. It is the same as search engines are paying more attention to quality content and links rather than spam of keywords and links around the website.
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    how can i post more than 1 chart at a time and is there a way to pull up a journal and not have to hit last page to get to the latest comment
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