ET Fantasy Football League II

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  1. This thread is for anyone partipating in league II to post to regarding well whatever they want.

    There is also a message board on the draft site as well.

    This is week's one schedule:

    Schedule - Week 1
    Breeding Briskets -

    LA Riot -

    Team MKDaniel -

    New Yorkers -

    New Orleans Stunnaz
    HailMarys -

    Also please not that the BENCH roster was expanded to 8 from 5 after the draft ended.

    The winner of this league at the end of the season wins their choice of one the following books.

    Trading Systems and Methods: Kaufman, Practical Speculation: Niederhoffer, or The encyclopedia of trading strategies: Katz.


  2. Who is still playing in my league? Everybody I hope. Brusiers is the hell is that? He hasn't adjusted his roster in weeks (ever?).

    I'm gonna blast my way into first place by this weekend though.

    Just posting here so I can gloat when I see you guys in Vegas this weekend.

  3. Too bad you only lasted one or two weeks in the pick'em league you started.
  4. yeah I completely forgot to make my picks two weeks straight.

    Totally my fault.

  5. Nobody gonna get a free book from me though if they don't step it up in FF soon. I'm on a 9 game win streak.

    I think a couple of teams are missing their coaches though.

  6. Pabst


    Playoffs start next week pal. The Brisket's are a waiting!

    Cohiba, think you nicked me today.
  7. ElCubano


    yes, I things are going to get ugly......Colorado watch out coming for ya...