ET encourages breaking of copyright laws now???

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  1. WTF is that? i've reported this spammer 3 times, this shit is sitting in the Economics section where it has nothing to do... apart from being spam its a breach of copyright laws - is that a federal offense? - and no frickin' action taken... r u guys happy to be seen as accomplices when i send THIS post to my CFA chapter???
  2. That person posted in late September and now with yet another thread started in the Economics Forum with his copies and they are still up. #*^"???

    This website is nothing like I thought it would be ( and should be IMO )

    What a huge disappointment. :(
  3. ror how exaggerated, il barone and the mods cant always be on top of evertyhin' u know.
  4. of course mate, but thats also why u, kiwitrader etc have offered to help, right... not sure why Baron / Vik's not responding on that one...? am happy to be proven wrong with my assessment but then plse explain... and i'll even apologize for the bad language & all... errhhh... maybe!
  5. well, my reply was more directed to the previous poster sayin' this place is a huge disappointment, i understand u can get pissed but that's overboard, innit.
  6. by the way or the link u posted is either broken or that post has gotten rid of.
  7. 'tis a bit overboard i admit... but the links r still working...
  8. hmm, i get 'the discussion has prolly been moved or deleted'.
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    You can't post the results of a search like you did in the first post because the results page expires a few minutes after it's generated. I tried to follow the link but it had already expired. Anyway, after you posted the link above that goes directly to the thread, I saw what you were talking about and took care of it.
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