ET educational forum :(

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  1. this morning I posted asking for feedback on a product because search feature showed no threads on it. I immediately get a poster accusing me of undercover promoting of "my site" and threatening to report me to the moderators.

    I respond to the poster and before it even makes it up the thread has been deleted by the moderators. I can't believe it. So what this community is saying is that nobody can ask or discuss ANYTHING unless it's negative and bashing of that product/service/vendor.

    just sad.
  2. It is.
  3. It is what it is here. Puretick was a paid sponsor (they must also be gluttons for punishment) and all they did was piss away their ad dollars while at the same time getting trashed, bashed and hung out to dry.
  4. sent PM to moderator immediately afterwards asking for clarification and still have not received answer 2 days later.

    I learned my lesson. Next time I want to ask about a product here I will say

    "Service/vendor XYZ sucks and is a scam, also look out for undercover promoters. Be aware, this service is all lies"

    the community and moderators will approve and applaud this type of post and therefore not delete it. Afterwards maybe a few people who have actually used it will respond.

    ET Educational forum :(
  5. Unfortunately, it's true. I've searched for a more serious trading forum, but to no avail. Essentially, you have to remember this about the "rules of ET":

    1) Every broker dealer is out to screw you
    2) Every software program is a scam
    3) Every signal service is a scam
    4) If you inquire about a product or service, you are in fact "undercover" and as a result, your post could be deleted
    5) Any poster who feels he has come up with a viable strategy that seems to work for him must be a liar and out to scam you of your money because nobody would ever think about helping their fellow trader (I understand and have heard all of the "counter arguments" to that one, so don't bother).

    There are many more, but that's it for now. I've been reading the posts on this site off and on for almost 5 years, (the last few years strictly for amusement purposes) and I've come to the conclusion that 98% of the members don't/can't make money trading and therefore in an attempt to feel good about themselves, find it necessary to bash everyone else.
  6. I really wonder if who ever owns this site is just trying to sell it right now and wants as many posts as possible.
    This is literally the worst forum for any subject I've ever been on. If you look back 2 years there are fantastic discussions but now its just endless flame wars and bullshit.
  7. AMEN. You deserve a Pulitzer Prize for this.

    There is a MAJOR difference between a basher, (i.e. troublemaker who has no real direct experience with that which he bashes. His mission is to endear himself to the community for some ego gratification) and a user/purchaser of the product/service. I think the majority of the members discount entirely the bashers and respect the opinions of the buyers who have first hand knowledge of the product/service they critique.
  8. I think your BASHING right now...I love this site....Keep up the good work. Remember little goys & girls, if you can't say anything good then don't say anything at all. That's what makes this site great and right now this thread is on the wrong side.
  9. but the problem is that this site's motto is the opposite !!! if you do say something nice you are blasted and/or deleted. If you say something not nice, you are praised and cheered.
  10. Most of the serious, professional traders come out in the good threads...check out the rescent EDGE? thread. They skip these FLUFF/NEGATIVE/NOTHING TO ADD/NOTHING GOOD TO CONTRIBUTE type threads!
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