ET deleting negative posts?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Josh009, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Josh009


    yesterday there was a bad review of a prop firm, today it's deleted?

    anyone care to comment on that?
  2. The mods are also deleting posts [not mine, specifically] off the "prop firms suck" thread.
  3. Josh009


    Seems to me that this behavior doesn't foster open and honest communication. I would much rather see negative posts left and let those who chose to participate in a debate do so, without censorship.
    Any mods care to explain why they're deleting posts?
  4. Sanjuro



    When you're a sponsor you have privileges. That includes charging $400 desk fees and 1 cent a share commission. 1.25 cent a share for non series 7 and that doesn't even include the sec fees.

  5. Posts are regularly deleted when the views expressed don't meet those of the moderators.

    Even when you complain and include a screen shot of your post before it was deleted you get no response. It's a bit like how it's done in China.
  6. Bullet


    I agree with everything said! I started a thread earlier addressing the deletion of a negative review of ANDOVER. Moderators!!! Come this a forum for only positive news?? Traders rely on other traders for both negative and positive feedback when it comes to shops, software and strategies! This is not a positive development for this site.

    It also does not make the advertisers look very good (or willing to defend themselves in an open forum).

  7. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Please don't make up theories and then believe them as if they are the truth.

    Everybody knows there are both positive and negative reviews on this site, so to imply that this a site only for positive reviews is stupid.

    Furthermore, Andover is not an advertiser so the "protecting the sponsors" theory can be thrown out the window as well.

    The guy who posted the review emailed us requesting that it be removed. He may have seen some issues with it and wanted it pulled so he could rewrite it and submit it again. Who knows.
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