ET Delete Posts on Behalf of Wisetrade?

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  1. Pathetic but true it seems now they are sponsors if they dont like a comment or two they can get them removed. How low has ET sunk to be pandering to the likes of these. This is a low point without a doubt reminds me of 1939.

    Typical Wisetrade they come on all big hearted but the moment it doesnt go their way they get the hump. Well I hope everyone cansee the freal face of this sponsor a bit like a tobacco company sponsoring a childrens swimming carnival
  2. To ALL ET'ers, lighten up and grow up.

    I could care less about Wizetrade, but their money is what keeps this site free for the rest of us so you can tolerate them. If the jackals here feel the need to jump down their throat they make it a hostile place for sponsors to come and Baron has no choice but to charge since everyone who comes with their money here gets harassed by the juveniles.

    No one is forcing anyone to read Wizetrade posts or buy the product. They are a sponsor and this is Baron's site. It makes perfect sense to delete hostile posts that attack a sponsor and make them decide that advertising here is not a good idea.

    If people have a negative comment they can certainly post it like an adult but most of the comments I saw were just silly and childish. I bet you Baron would not delete adult-worded critical posts but that is hard to come across at times here :D.

    If you object to WT as a sponsor and them paying for you to use this site, then ask Baron to ban you so you are not subjected to such maturity. If you wish to criticize WT, then you all can do it as an adult.

    BOGAN: if your crtique was not flaming and sincere and honest then this is not directed at you..
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  4. Yeah, I can still recall the very first post I made here at Elite back in 1939. There were only a handful of us posters back then. Me, my grandfather, Alphonse (Handsome) DiPalma, some guy named Jesse Livermore use to post from time to time and some other guy named Nick Darvis who was kind of a weird guy always talking about dancing. Then in 1940 this new guy came around, just a young kid by the name of Warren Buffett but we told him to scram as he was such a straight shooter among us rebel rousers.

    We sure made a lot of money back then and Elite was just one big barrel of laughs. It still is in a way. :):confused::D
  5. option coach,

    I hear what you are saying but under your reasoning we should allow Tabacco advertising on TV because if we dont we will have to find the money from more reputable sources. That logic is simply flawedbecause if ET cant attract a better quality of sponsor than these guys then the site is indeed in trouble


  6. It may have been true at one time that they are out of place here - but if you look around you will see that Wize is the very LEAST of the many many things, posters and posts that are out of place here. I'm sure that Wize took a look at that and saw their target demographic.

    Also - if they are here and people like you can post their opinions and can demonstrate what a complete sham they are, than that is a GOOD thing.

    Also - idiots might lose a few grand to Wize, but how much more do they lose to the market anyway? All are ADULTS who can decide who to give their money too.

    Just because McDonalds is poisening America doesn't mean that we should deny them their marketing campaigns. It means that we must EDUCATE Americans.

    Just because the Iraq cut & runners present only a short term fix to make us feel good for a few months without regard for the big picture, does not mean that we ought to ban their rhetoric which rallies the naive who are incapable of thinking beyond two chess moves ahead. It means we must show those SHORT-SIGHTED people what potentially lies beyond tommorrow.
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    free speech for all.:D
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    I've complained about the picture so it's official, go ahead and remove it. It makes the whole thread unreadable. (And it should be a fun thread. WizeTrade here on ET? Has any vendor been trashed more on this site? This should be a hoot!)

  9. Tobacco on TV has no relation to the current discussion. Wizetrade is not selling something that causes cancer or is illegal for a certain segment of the population. Wizetrade sells a trading service and is paying ET to be here so we dont have to pay.

    If Wizetrade repulses you so much that the fact that they appear on threads you are not required to read, then you need more distractions in your life. I know many people sign up for this black box with dreams of riches but there will always be stupid people out there.

    Who is going to advertise here? Use your head! Brokers or Advisory services/software vendors. You expecting someone else? Is it odd that puretick and Wizetrade advertise here. let them pay for our priviledge of being here for free and use your ignore button.

  10. I'm a sponsor and have asked to have 2 posts removed so far. If you read my threads, you'll see I take a lot of heat and scornful comments in stride. But when a post starts getting off topic and becomes nothing but a flame war, it needs to stop.

    The two I had removed were due to users who use excessive profanity in replies and were posting just see how nasty they could be. Were here share opinions on trading. I'd rather the admins weed out the offending posts but this site gets hundreds of posts per day so they normally just axe the whole thread. That really does the sponsors no good, because their site links also get killed.
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