ET crowed predicted this

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  1. first of all, I didn't need any info to know that I should short Sunday ES

    but what I am saying is that by reading ET here I noticed that all that bull talk was replaced by caution talk

    several threads downright predicted bust like monday during weekend

    so by reading ET you can smell the air so to speak,

    experienced traders post their opinions and these opinion when put together along with readers experience can yield results

    keep predicting ET keep predicting :D
  3. infolode

    I am afraid I don't know what you mean by that
  4. yeah.....but some people on this site get so caught up in going with the trend..........which can be good in letting your winners run..........but enough is have to look at relative value......the concepts of overbought and oversold.....and not giving back your hard fought profits when the top/////or close enough to it near term has been hit!
  5. well you can't be a pig of course
  6. You used a method of analysis that was short term correct, without following the advice of confusion.

    I was not being snide, merely underscoring your opening statement.
  7. Who is this guy Crowed and what did he predict?
  8. Russells' brother?
  9. gnome


    Do you mean like Buckman on the Stingray?

    Weren't there lots and lots of calls for a top all the way up? Couldn't this just be a case of "blind dog finds bone"?
  10. Tums


    you always can find the answer you want to hear
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