ET could be at risk

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  1. Ricter


    You may need to consider addressing Lucrum and omegapoint, as they have apparently escalated to mutual threats. Not sure, but I believe if you don't address it, you may be partly liable should something illegal occur.
  2. Maverick74


    I think we should send LEAPup out to investigate omegapoint. Warning: LEAPup might be armed. :)
  3. ET bearmarket southbound charge led by Lucrum with massive acceleration in post #s, soon to overtake nitro - but here's the difference - behold the magnificent temperament of nitro and his contribution.

    The only complaint I have about nitro is:

    What does nitro's wife make for dinner?

  4. Maverick74


    Nitro is divorced. You can't even get your gossip right.
  5. He is in love...I think he is going to marry Maybe he already did?


  6. Lucrum


    1) I don't take him sending me his address and telling me to come there so he can see how tough I am as much of a "threat" per se. 2) All I did was respond with my address, and nothing more.
    I can't speak for that mega pointy head guy, but I'm not the suing type.
  7. wrbtrader


    Such has happen before and nobody from ET management got involved. What happen next was that the two people involved in threatening each other discovered they were located in the same city.

    Next, they both arranged a meeting to have a fight at a particular corner. One showed up and the other did not. The one that showed up said later he had a gun just in case the other guy was bigger then him or went bad quickly. I'm not sure about the legalities but I can't imagine it would be "good publicity" if one ET member blew off the head of another ET member after a public fued/threats began and escalated at



  8. nitro's 9-yr old daughter overheard praying on the eve of Father's Day ....

    Dear God, this year please send clothes for all the poor ladies in daddy's computer, Amen.
  9. Maverick74


    That never happened. It was a joke. You guys will believe anything won't you. Sheesh.
  10. wrbtrader


    It was a joke ? Hopefully we're talking about the same situation many years ago and that it really was a joke in reference to the infamous "Chicago Street Corner Showdown".

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