ET Conspiracy nut quotes.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by traderob, Aug 29, 2006.

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    A thread for our favorite conspiracy quotes from ET members.
  2. What, no-one liked your "biggest conspiracy nut" thread idea?
    I thought it was a winner, but guess someone changed their mind, huh?
  3. osama and 19 cave dwellers flew sophisticated jets into the wtc's and pentagon while us fighter jets stood down. also, one of the dweller's passports survived, unscathed, molten hot fire that the flight recorder boxes did not.

    wtc7 fell due to fema fires. LOL LOL LOL although the owner of the bldg said he pulled it.

    btw... 8 of the 19 "ay rabs" have been found..... i wonder why they dont arrest them?
  4. it is getting so bad, how can anyone believe the govt version on anything these days. it really does take a fool to buy their garbage... but some of you are served bunghole pudding in a bowl and you are asking for BIGGER SPOONS !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well, bigger spoons is a niche.
    Nobodies asked for more since lit'l oliver..............
    "Please sir, can i 'av some more gruel?':)
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    Heh, I had second thoughts. Setting an example as a mod. and all that..:D
    We try to be fair on ET - no discimination against mentalists.:)
  7. Well, i thought it could have been a winner, but speak for your self, by all means.:D