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  1. What happened to the thread with the words of the RI professor? You know, the ones which questioned what's going on in the US and Obama specifically?

    Somebody not want us thinking about such things? Afraid we'll catch on?

    Is that what we've sunk to? :mad:

    To OP.... please repost it. Let' see if it gets censored-off again.
  2. I noticed this too.
    Same tactics as the Obama administration and the fringe media.
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    We'll catch on to Obama?? He and the Water Buffalo in charge went to argue the case for the Olympics in Chicago and gave speeches about.... drumroll..... themselves!!! It's not too hard to catch on to the Obamas...
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    bullshit :p

    Actually I think of comments like yours as monkey shit.. zoo gorillas collecting up monkey shit to throw at the tourists... hee hee, us tourists go home at the end of the day and you are stuck in your cage... enjoy... :p
  6. Coming from someone that actually admires Sarah Palin . . . and believes that she has credibility when it comes to discussing Afghanistan ( or Cap & Trade for that matter ) . . . now that's pretty rich and twisted! :D
  7. :D :p
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    Can you link us to what the professor said at all?
  9. How dare you mock a richter Maxpi? "Richter" means judge in German. Do you want to go to jail for contempt of court?

    P.S. You have to forgive this richter. He happens to be severely dyslexic so he spelled his occupation ricter instead of richter.
  10. Sarah Palin - popular among the zealous nuts known as the base; a disaster among the majority of Americans.

    ...a literal walking stereotype of stupidity.

    She'll never be nominated on a GOP ticket, at least realizes this, and has rebranded herself as a 'Republican Libertarian,' though libertarian is spelled with a lower case L, and I doubt she understands the meaning of libertarianism.
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