ET cannot be serious.

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  1. Hey I'm all for doom and gloom, but criticizing the Fed for assissting FRE and FNM is INSANE. You guys really need to get a hold on reality.

    Everyone on here just wants to bitch. You know who else bitches? People losing money. I think I can put 2 and 2 together.......
  2. We have a surplus of anti americans here.
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    The reason they bitch is because they don't trade. It's kind of like the guys in the bar that talk smack about all the guys that are actually getting laid. They never have anything positive to say about them.

    Until a site is created specifically for people that actually trade for a living, we have to put up with it. I find it entertaining in a sad way.
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    Sorry, Athlon. I read and like your take. But thats a load of BS, right there.

    What you've said: a decade (or more...) of idle growth and deflationary prices - circa 1990's Japan - is far better than a gigantic flush and 2 hard years of corrective recession. Remember, Western consumption saved the Japanese flagging economy. Who saves the Worlds Economic Engine when our balls are over the proverbial barrel?? It will be different, this time...

    Lets talk for a moment on Patriotism. This Country became the undisputed economic powerhouse through laissez faire capitalism and corporate accountability.

    Now the system is one big Moral Hazard. Bailout-after-bailout. Deflationary fear mongering to rescue the largest and most criminal of reckless lenders. Inflation continues to rob middle America of their hard earned paycheck to bailout underwater Financials that engineered the RE boom/bust and securitization of fraudulent paper to begin with!!

    And you know what?? They couldn't care less. They OWN the Fed. There is no death kiss for these guys. There is no accountability. Because at the end of the day, they parade themselves on CNBC and FOX as intractable fixtures of American Capitalism, that if left to collapse, will bring down every Mom-and-Pop and Big Box across the Country. This is Propaganda of a different sort - Economic Warfare to fear monger every free-market solution BUT A BAILOUT..... Gee, wonder why?! Americans are too stupid to understand the consequences of uninformed consent - not that WallStreet, er the Federal Reserve!... need it anyway...

    30 years ago, there was some semblance of division between Washington and Corporate America. Perhaps a more opaque Chinese wall. Now, Special Interests own the United States. Our Secretary of Treasury is a rouge agent for WallStreet. Bernacke answers to Private Shareholders that own the FED. The System is inherently Fucked. Its a gigantic Ponzi Scheme designed to profit the small apex of American Banks at the expense of honest, hardworking Americans the Nation over.

    Now we're supposed to sit here and back-slap these criminals for what a great job they did at raping the Country?? Is this what we've become?!

    Heres a question - any of you guys actually remember whats its like make an honest living? How much of that measly paycheck went to gas, food, rent and necessities??
  5. most of ET's active members are not even in the States and actually like to see the end of America, even thinking about it turns them on
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    Yeah - heaven forbid that socialism might actually be a legitimate subject for criticism. The dissenters can't possibly have any valid argument - they must just be bitter at losing money.
  7. +1 !!!!

    Yes, I should blindly support the arranged marriage of BSC and JPM, under the guise that JPM could save BSC (as backed by the Government; aka taxpayers, aka American citizens), and I should also blindly swallow the use of taxpayer dollars to bail out idiotic homeowners and institutions that had no use or desire for risk controls.

    Let's grow the government, it's role and our deficits and national debt ever larger!!!

    Man those printing presses!!!!

    Shift all market failures onto the back of the U.S. taxpayer!!!!! Yaaaay!
  8. How's that phrase go, "Privatize the wealth, socialize the debt!" ??
  9. You've got that ALL WRONG... we bitch'ers are the PATRIOTS... we recognize how the Gummint and Fed are hosing America and its citizens.

    IMV, those who are all "Rah, rah America and its leaders", are either (a) total idiots or (b) haven"t yet bothered to look into the situation and they just don't understand.
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