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  1. At my low point in life, I was about one notch above homeless. I never got a check from the government.. never even got a meal. Concerned about the fact that I wasn't eating regularly, I joined the military.
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    1.) i apologise if i was off, but my basic knowlegde of the innner workings of canadian politics is correct. I remember listening to this for 4 years. It is funny that of all the canadian libtards on this site you are THE ONLY ONE who actually knows what is going on. And called me on it. I remember hearing multiple times of Libtards calling for a non confidence vote on the radio and i must have gotten confused with what actually went on as there were tons of elections.

    2.) i knew that there were many more parties i was providing a basic example.
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    Same thing with me, when i was 16, i was on my own, and i made something of myself, because if i hadnt i would have ended up on the street, the government never once helped me/nor could they have helped me, so why should i pay taxes to these filthy lying scumbags. So some guy in the bronx can eat? Most business people are one bad move away from homelessness, you really think government is going to be there to help in yuor time of need?

    I was raised in such a way i would have been ashamed to ask for government assistance. Apparently the same levels of personal responsibility can not be asked of clowns like gabfly1 or bkbushites.
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  4. Don't do it. Without their lies, exaggerations and false attributions, the Far Right has nothing.
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    Message From Cuba


    :) :) :)
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  6. 1. I support the Conservative government and Stephen Harper.

    2. Yes, the Liberals, in the past, have threatened non-confidence votes many times. I think, for now, they have learned their lesson, however. That being said, they likely haven't threatened an election lately because the Conservative's have had such a wide lead in the polls for quite a while now.
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  7. You are assuming that the rest of us want to sift through your septic tank of "knowledge" posts and correct your many errors of fact or conclusion. I've had just about enough of you. It is sufficient for me to say that if I want shit from you, I'll just squeeze your head.
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    I'm not sure what you guys are disagreeing about, but I think this is funny :)
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    Photo of Gabfly1 hard at work proving how smart he is on the interwebs. Poor bastard blew out the 25$ scott trade account his grandmother opened for him as a birthday present. Things just havent picked up for him since he got caught averaging down on Bear sterns.

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  10. Admittedly, Hello, your setup is somewhat more sophisticated:

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