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    The Canadian Libtards have been trying to overthrow the Canadian conservative government for more than 4 seperate votes/4 seperate years, to no avail. They just keep failing repeatedly. It started with libtards and Stephan Dion(Canadian Libtard) trying to overthrow Stephen Harper(Canadian Conservative), now it is Michael Ignatieff (Canadian Liberal who suffers from down syndrome) another Libtard trying to overthrow a conservative, and failing repeatedly, because he can not stir up a base which is more productive than a bunch of mentally retarded people getting caught in the headlights. (Similar to the average U.S. Liberal) Why do most Canadian Libtards resort to playing U.S. politics after failing repeatedly to get their parties elected in their own country? Do you think it has to do with the fact that the conservative government (Stephen Harper) keeps winning repeatedly over the glaringly obvious, and somewhat retarded liberal challenger?

    Perhaps this is the reason for the unbridled Canadian rage demonstrated on this site as it pertains to U.S. politics.
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    The above statement is factually accurate and the reason why homeless people such as gabfly1 and fkbushites keep arguing about U.S. politics even though they are homeless and from Canada.
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    Ok do fellow americans want to know why Canadian Conservatives won the right to govern repeatedly?

    It works as follows. Lets say in Canada there is a vote such as the Obama Socialised health care vote. Well lets say in Canada they were to take a vote in the legislative assembly.... (similar to the congress.)

    If in Canada the vote comes down to 199 (for) conservatives to 200(against)(liberals), with only 199 of the votes going to conservatives, and 200 going to the libtards, then libtards can call what is called a vote of non confidence, meaning they can bring down the government. And create a new election. Libtards kept repeatedly creating new elections, and never getting elected, the conservative guy, Stephen Harper kept getting elected repeatedly. Even though libtards kept voting against him.

    The libtards were never able to get a liberal government elected based on a non confidence vote, though they called for it many times in Canada, that is why Canadian Liberals on ET are so angry, and it is the reason why halfwits like fkbushites, and gayfly1 are so perturbed.

    This is the reason for the continued pathology demonstrated by canadian liberals on this site. It is because they have continually failed to bring down the conservative government in Canada, and thus they continually demonstrate their lack of knowledge as it pertains to politics in the U.S. forum.
  4. If Libtards had any conscience, they'd slit their own throats... in America and around the world.
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    That is a little over the edge my friend.
  6. Well, who needs 'em? They are parasites and have no qualms at all about forcing what they want, if necessary.

    America has (well, "had") always been "the land of opportunity". Now, it's becoming "the land of entitlement". Once we've gone Full Commie, nobody will have anything... much like the former Soviet Union before its collapse. THATs what Libtards bring to society's table. :mad:
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    I agree fully that Libtards are like a disease, but i dont wish death upon anyone. That said America is not only fast becoming the land of the eintitlement, it is becoming survival of the unfittest. You want proof take a look around you. The evidence is everywhere. A good example is democratic politicians wanting to bring Goldman Sachs in for a hearing while they allow fannie and freddie a free pass. Yeah, real good choice on their part, lets bring in the one bank who positioned themselves properly, while we give a free pass to the 2 biggest fuckups(FNM and FRE) known to man.

  8. "Slitting one's throat" is just a figure of speech. I'd really rather they abandon their theft and entitlement ways, accept full responsibility for the lives and become self-reliant.

    When government buys votes with entitlement checks (rather hefty ones, too), the result is what we have.

    I can remember my grandfather often saying, "the world doesn't owe you a living... make something of yourself".
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    My old man had a similar line "no one in this life is going to do you any favours, did you make enough to eat son?"

    If people today had half the morals the world would be a better place, i remember growing up always being fucking scared that i hadnt made enough to eat from my previous days work. It kept me hungry (literally) for success.
  10. I am a Stephen Harper supporter, but I must point out the lies in your post.

    1. Harper has never had a vote of no confidence against him. In fact, there has only been one election since he won power in 2006, and it wasn't due to a non-confidence motion...

    2. Unlike in the USA, there are more than two significant political parties. Due to this fact, it takes more than just the Liberals voting against the Conservatives to have a no-confidence election.
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