ET back in the day

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  1. humble beginnings.

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  5. Bob111


    i remember there >100K members. but then this number was gone from front page.
    how many active members on ET now?
  6. lwlee


    So who still around from before the millenium????

    We should have a exclusive Gold club for the oldest members :D
  7. Daring


    That's a long long long time you been here lwlee :)

    If I may....

    Best thing you learned by reading it?
  8. Baron should send any active 99er a t-shirt :cool:
  9. I'm an old timer on this site. Best things I got from reading it is a beautiful wife,yes some hot chicks do read it guys! 5 different money making gigs in and around trading, friendships with several billion dollar hedge fund managers,among many others who are now my best friends. I learned how the markets really work not to mention making connections here that led to close to $50 million of capital introduced to trading strategy. 2 of the hedgies took me under their wing, so to speak and I couldn't have bought that education.

    Yeah, this site has been a worthwhile place to post and read.

    Thank you,

  10. I use to post back then under a different handle

    main thing that has changed is account size

    back then almost everybody went home flat

    1K for the day was a big deal
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