ET Auto-Post Generator?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Pabst, Oct 19, 2003.

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    I'm looking to become less discretionary and more systematic with my responses to various ET threads. This way, perhaps I can participate in some inane debates, keep my number of post's growing at a Nitro like clip, and yet not even have to read Elite Trader! Has anyone here used an API interface that will allow my backtested interactions to be entered in reply to a "hot list" of other ET members? I think some members are using similar strategies. To wit:

    Whenever someone posts a journal Nima Bashi is sure to post:

    "Unless you have backtested your system you offer nothing worth writing."

    Gekko is able to interject every post with:

    "You don't know anything about my trading. I bought a car with my profits."

    Now I know these guys aren't writing this stuff "fresh" on a daily basis. They must be auto-entering posts. Please help!
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    LOL :D
  3. I have an API that I use for this very thing. except instead of auto-replies, I have auto-deletes. It was simple to do really. I am automatically subscribed to all new threads on the Trading Forum. Each new post is downloaded into my MS Access program, and each word is compared to a set of words, or member names that I have preloaded in the database. If a word or name in the post is present in the database, a macro clicks the link to the post and deletes it.

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    you have stumble on one of advance ET feature, the technology is there but it could be such a destructive force if fall into a wrong hand so it shall lay domain until the right millennium.
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    ROFL!! Something tells me bro, that Pabst, Romeo, and The Answer are all on that list of yours!:D
  7. Metoox has been using one of those for years.
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  9. and you and commisso (and his 20 other names) can do more kissing of eachother's asses.
  10. Surely a young man such as yourself, that possesses as you once put it "the most clarity that a human being can have at this point in our evolution. "!!! would have been able to induce that Pabst and I are really the same person. Pabst is just another alter-ego of mine...
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