ET and Its Discontents

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  1. We here are engaged in a grand psycho-social experiment. Traders, once a gregarious genus, fragmented into proto-individuality with the maturation of on-line trading. They reverted from a semblance of pre-civilized tribal unity to the primal instinct to kill or be killed, to eat or be eaten. Now ET has brought us back together, if only virtually, in numbers so large that we must be considered a civilization. What discontents has this bred? What are the impacts on libido, aggression, religion, ego, superego? Are we happier? Or not?
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    overall masturbation becomes a much wider form of self indulgement while anger raises to new levels due to high tension and disbelief.
  3. Whatever happened to ol' Superego?

    Was a funny SOB...
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    I miss Mr. Subliminal
  5. Asap, were you referring to the mental masturbation so common on ET, or to the carnal kind? And could you comment on the sources of tension and disbelief in our "civilization"?
  6. Wayne, the superego is alive and well on ET, in the archetypal patriarchal grey-bearded guru. In general, do you think that we traders' internal superegos have shriveled?
  7. Roberk and Fadentrade, you will just have to make do with me. Who was Mr. Subliminal? Surely he was subluminal. Kindly stay on topic. Or is distractability one of our discontents? Masturbation, anger, tension, disbelief, inability to focus, nostalgia...I think we're getting somewhere.
  8. Shakespeare would cringe! Very good! Did Richard the Third spring to mind in this context? My lament, unrelated to trading and ET, is the hastening demise of the classical education. And the lack of historical perspective, particularly WRT trading Messiahs.

    But I must off to prepare for the trading day. Astroglide in hand, tension building, disbelief overflowing. Bemoaning the fact that over-education is poor preparation for trading. Full of civilized discontents. Trade badly!
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    well Hypostamus is pretty good. And his aliases.:D
  10. I was once a Discontent. It was a difficult time. However, I took an online course, passed the test and now have my Malcontent certification. Colors seem brighter somehow.
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