ET a very good website. What are some of the other websites where traders can post?

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  1. Any other good trader websites?
  2. toolazy


    how does this work ? doesnt look like trading specific.
  3. Mysteron


    registered 2004, number of posts 3036

    so you're taking the piss surely???
  4. LOL

    3,000 posts and doesn't use google.

    or maybe this is a vendor never know.

    ok, this is what you "trader" and then "elite"

    see where that takes you.
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    Stocktwits @ is for traders of stocks, futures, forex, etf and is probably the best online social network source. Twitter is a far distant 2nd but the two work well together. For example, if you post on twitter with the $ in front of your symbol (e.g. $GC_F for Gold GC futures)...the message will show up on twitter and stocktwits because stocktwits. In contrast, if you just post "Gold GC futures" on will not show up on stocktwits.
  6. It takes a bit to learn your way around twitter, but once you do, it will be hard to beat anything you find around here. It's live and real-time.

    But if you're toolazy, then stick to ET.

  7. DKNV1


    Investors Hub...great for small cap traders, heavy promotion of the most popular OTC & pink sheets even a few grey sheets like KMAG and SRGE have large followings there. Very big on conspiracies such as naked shorts and crooked market makers provides lots of entertainment. Take it with a grain of salt however some formally dead stocks have briefly come to life if but for a short amount of time due to their message board postings. Good research by the DD Support Board and Fraud Research Team, No Dummy and Janice Shell are regular contributors.
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    T2W is an organised trader related forum with some decent guys on it.

  9. As far as I know, the cooperation between Twitter and StockTwits has ended a few weeks ago.

    Twitter is great, if you know who to follow. You can use it as a news platform.

    On StockTwits is too much garbage you have to get through before finding something valuable, imo. Instead, just follow the StockTwits account on Twitter. They do the cherry picking for you.
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