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    The estx50 is again very tradable this morning.
  2. On average, how many points can you get each day? From your chart, it seems you could get more than 30 points a day. Incredible!
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    Well, of course there are some guys who could easily lose 30 pts a day on this product, but for a trader who doesn't shit his pants when he takes on a trade I would say that 30 pts is a very achievable goal, even on choppy days. Yesterday morning it didn't trend that well at all, but I still managed to pull out some profits.
  4. that's about equivalent to 7.5 ES points...
    not difficult to do on any given day.. but to average it requires a bit of skill...

    sorry to be so frank, and you can tell me to go screw myself if u like, but that is just a totally pointless question... let me parody it: "how much money can i make trading pork bellies?"... how the hell can you answer that??

    but hey, you are an ADX trader... so since the euro futures probably trend slightly better than US, you're in a for a treat :D
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    It's a lot better than slightly:D