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  1. What is the symbol for the ESTX50 in IB? What is the point value? Margin rules? Commission? Do you find it easier to trade than ES/NQ ? What is the current month ? When I enter ESTX50 in the IB ticker field, I get two choices. The ESTX50 SEP02 EUR DTB and ESTX50 SEP02 EUR MONEP. Can someone explain briefly what these are? Thank You.
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    DTB is the contract that is listed at Eurex (European Exchange)

    Monep is the Option exchange in france.

    When you want to trade the ESTX50 then you should do it over the Eurex because Monep is not liquid for index futures.

    point value
    min move = 1 point
    1point = 10€

    Margin depends on the broker... @ IB it is the following:
    - Initial: 1938
    - Maintenance: 1550

    over night
    - Initial: 3875
    - Maintenance: 3100

    4€ RT

    Current Month
    until this friday it's U2 and from this friday it's Z2

    well... that's another story. Some claim that it is easier to trade the EuroStoxx50 Future. Personally I haven't traded US futures in more than a year. I only look at the ES around the opening in the US... because the ESTX50 follows it pretty well in the first hours of the american markets.

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    and by the way.. I don't trade the ESTX50 Future over IB!
  4. thanks alain, if anyone else has any input on strategies trading the estx50, please share them here.
  5. if anyone feels the ESTX50 generally leads or lags

    the SP500 stock index futures overnight?

    I seem to think they take turns making the first move

    but in general when one stops moving in a certain direction the other one stops shortly thereafter ... maybe due to the
    possibility of arbitrage keepimg things in line ?
  6. that they have success with 10 point stop loss on ESTX50

    Is 20 points too much ?

    thats about a $200 stop loss correct ?
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    Stops are a very individual thing and are in my opinion a more creative act than most believe it to be.

    Stops on the ESTX50: My stops are generally between 3 and 16 points. I have done some wide backtesting in march of this year on what stop levels give a higher problability of success and the 12 and 16 points turned out to be statistically the best. So I used this information to say that this is the max stop I will ever take. But normally I use much tighter stops in the ESTX50 and I adjust the stops to the current volatility and what kind of trade I enter. Some trades I expect to move longer so I take a wider stop other trades where I expect the move in the next two bars I take a much tighter stop.
  8. alain,

    Who do you trade through?

    Btw, your footer is very colorful. :)
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    I thought that I have described that to you in my last e-mail. Haven't I? :cool:
  10. alain, to what sort of profit levels (in pts) are you saying that you've found 12-16pt stops to be best for?
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