ESTX50=Smooth DAX=Twitchy - Which US eMini is smooth?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by amtrak, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. amtrak


    The title of the thread gives away my preference for the smooth movement of the ESTX50;
    the lower amount of noise in the price signal leads to better trade decision making on my part
    (as opposed to the hurry-up feeling of being behind the power curve).

    I have an idea of how I would rank US eMinis on a smooth-movement versus twitchy-movement scale,
    but I'd like a little extra input.
  2. cmaxb


    I think you're right. There's a sort of German efficiency to the STOXX.
  3. ===============
    Might name ES smoother than most;
    not necessarily smooth, all the time .Highly liquid for sure.

    Moving averages also can help smooth a trend;
    especally if used with discretion

    murray TT
  4. RedDuke


    Someone called DAX – dancing DAX, and I totally agree. I also primarily trade STOXX now because it is not as jumpy and the volume is huge. From what I see 30-40 contracts a clip is not an issue at almost any time. These are the same reasons why I like ES, but I can only trade Europe open, so stick to STOXX.