ESTX50 hours EST?

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    Can someone please tell what 09:00 am - 05:30 pm EUREX local translates to in U.S. Eastern Standard Time? Also, I know this has been covered before, but what are the best times EST to trade the ESTX50 and for what reasons.
  2. alain


    trading from 0900 to 2000

    this is central european time CET!

    US Markets open here in europe at 1530, so thats 0900 Eastern Time USA.

    So trading hours for the EuroStoxx are from 3 am until 2 pm Eastern Time.

    Best time to trade you ask... well for me its the first three hours of the trading day.

  3. x-or


    I like the ESTX50 in the morning especially at the opening.
    After 11:00 AM, volume is weaker like everywhere else I guess.
    From about 2:00 PM, ESTX is waiting for the US and after 3:30 PM it follows it blindly.
    I find it more noisy then. For that reason, I don't trade the afternoon.
  4. I'm in NYC and I trade Eurostoxx50 during the preopen.

    Eurostoxx opens at 1AM our time and closes at 2PM our time.

    It follows the S&P 500 futures very closely.
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    -- Taxes for USA residents(trading ESTX50) - how does this work?

    -- I have been watching this trade for about 2 weeks now. I like them alot! I am a stock trader, so futures are new. In the ESTX50, can you tell me about the risks as opposed to stocks (like lock limit - how does that work in the ESTX50).

    Thanks to all for replies in advance!
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    Reitberg, you say you trade them pre open 1AM? I use mytrack feed and see trading begin at 3 am. Can you explain? If there is pre market, and I need to call track about why I don't get data, thats ok. Please confirm this... Also, if there is premarket, how is it? Choppy? Trends?
  7. 0008


    I experienced the same. I feel it is quite smooth in the morning and easier to trade. But it usually doesn't have very long trends. Most of them won't last longer than 20 minutes, usually less.

    Do you also trade the Bund? I feel it has similar behaviour.
  8. THX1138

    EuroStoxx opens at 3am. No preopen.
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    for those with no experience in the estx the opening is mostly several minutes past 3pm between 5 and 15 past 3pm! this is because Market makers have to handle all the orders from the previous night.

    there is no premarket trading on the eurex...
  10. Trader3

    I'm not necessarily having a go at you, but if you have the intelligence or knowledge to trade the markets successfully then you should for yourself be able to find the time difference between any zone in the world, let alone the major European one.

    In future why don't you just double click your clock on the bottom right of your screen and click the time zone tab. Or search in google, your answer could be found in less than 30 secs.

    As for your other questions, no problem there.
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