ESTX50 and DAX vs. ES and NQ

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  1. I read on one of the posts today that the European indices trend better than the ES and NQ. So, then, are they easier to trade than the ES or NQ? Can someone who has traded both provide an accurate comparison?


  2. Aww c'mon...there's gotta be ONE person here who's traded both; Euro and US markets!

  3. I have watched the DAX this year...and just started trading it....... definetly seems to have more directional movement than ES or the little german lady seems to follow US markets .....
  4. How about overnight; when Dax opens? I'm assuming it doesn't start following US til 9:30 AM EST :confused:


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    I've traded ESTX-50 till spring this year, quit when european indices started congesting heavily. I also watched the DAX, it moves pretty much in sync with ESTX-50, although it is a bit more volatile, it retraces deeper and extends a bit further, something like the YM compared to the ES. Further it seems to have some kind of snob-appeal.:p . IMO the european indices do not trend better than US, especially when the US-markets open it's just the same. There are differences. Congestion can be a lot heavier than on ES/NQ . The ESTX-50, when trending, tends to move more from one point to another:it moves, holds still and moves again, etc, whereas the ES is jumping around constantly. IMO using limit orders on the Es there's more opportunity to get in/out at the price you want because of the "bouncing". Furher i always had to buy at ask, sell at bid, but that can be due to the crummy e-signal datafeed i was using then. All in all i don't think DAX/ESTX trend any better and trading them is basically the same as NQ/ES.
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    What feed are you using now please and why is it better than esignal's
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    I trade the DAX..based in UK.. I trade with the ES open in a side window.

    For comparison purposes:
    Dax daily range 2-3%
    spread 0.5 points on 3500
    Es daily range -1 to 1.8%
    Spread 0.25 on 1040

    Comissions: with IB roughly the same.

    Dax is much more volatile, tends to trade with ES but does congest a lot especially when US opens flat 9.30to 10.30 EST.

    It is not impossible to make 50-80 points a day trading DAX with a 3.5 stop provided
    1. do not trade congestions.
    2. cut losses at once.
    3. in non trending days take 5-8 points profit per trade.
    4. Keep in longer term trades..

    I use Linnsoft's IRT which enables me to easily write scans which work on DAX and ES but are far better in DAX because of the volatility..

    Dax is -41 as I write 11.25am UK - open since 8.03am- but there have been:
    at least 12 tradeable moves>7 points...

    with clear entries and exits.

    It also follows the 20ema trading band in 2 min chart ..

    and spikes are clearly signified by volume increases..

    I run a 2 ma and 3 ma system couples with pivots/macd and multiple time frames on 1 screen. Seems to work quite well...
  8. knowing both, US-Markets and Eurex for a lot of years, I'd like to say that SP and ESTX are less rough and for my feeling easier to trade than FDAX or NQ
  9. Well, I just added Eurex to my eSignal, so we'll see how this goes. You'll see the wreck in my Journal :D

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    The daily ATR seems to favor trading the DAX, however the required margin is alot higher, ie. at IB $4500 intraday, so that doesn't provide the most bang for the buck, but i guess that doesn't matter, just buy/sell every pullback to the ema 20 and start ringing the cash register:p
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