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  1. Is there anyone from Estonia?
  2. napa


    Not quite there yet, but perhaps in six months.

    How's Estonia working for you? <assuming you are from there>
  3. Winter is too cold and too windy, so I spent most of the time in central Europe. Summer time will be more fun, IMHO.

    Are you Estonian?
  4. napa


    No, I'm Finn. Even colder up here...

    But Estonian summers are indeed nice.

  5. Already checked your postings, you are living in Finland.
    So you are already familiar with the weather conditions there.

    I'm German, studied in Helsinki for about 6 months. IMHO I will
    make a trip to Finland in the summer time. I will try to sell some cars there.

    Best wishes.
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  7. zdreg


    do you trade estonian stocks?
  8. No, apart I prefer futures.
  9. I've been to Tallinn. I really liked it, especially around the old town. Hollywoods on a wednesday was good.
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