Est Asset Management Firm seek parner

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by sptraderman, Jun 5, 2002.

  1. Established asset management firm with 30 mm AUM and small equity fund, are looking to expand with successful trading program over 10%/mo, also looking to execute a few small acquisitions now located, seeking a partner with some capital to expand hedge fund and help us with buyout in exchange for ownership/partnership deal, this is a registered management company with proven industry spec technology no time wasters please. CA NY SE/Florida contact Frank via
  2. 1. Amount of funding
    2. Purpose of funding
    3. Trading approach
    4. Area of talent desired

  3. if you read the post it requests a partner to help
    with leveraged buyouts ! 200K + would be a good start
    also a decent credit rating would help

    also we trade equities with low risk we cannot disclose any other details without a disclosure document in place

    we are a small firm so there is lots of talent needed business development, trading, and sales talents would help

    regards Frank