ES→SPX ≈ 3pts! Here comes the interest rates!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by tommcginnis, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. tommcginnis


    The front-month ES future could be had at a 2pt discount to the SPX last week.

    It's now varying ~3.00-3.50!

    That's the December FED rate hike, and the BOE hike from this week, at work.

    If your favorite trades concern "time" or "interest rates" in any significant way, you'd want to be aware of that capitalization, because it will end up in the market you're in now.
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  2. Buy1Sell2


    Extremely vague. Please explain more fully so that readers can understand what you are getting at.
  3. truetype


    You're assuming he himself understands what he's talking about...
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  4. Buy1Sell2


    That may be true surf.
  5. Oh, he knows. I suspect typing speed is a factor--i.e. if he typed faster, he'd offer more detailed explanations...I suspect there's a lot of information from a lot of users that goes unsaid on this forum for that reason alone.

    But you both read charts--it shouldn't be difficult to draw reasonable inferences from something written in english.
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  6. Buy1Sell2


    Surf and I are not the only readers of this posting.
  7. o_O

    Well, that's about as compelling a reason to doubt my post as any...So for clarity sake, I meant to imply, "we all read charts..."
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    No--we do not all read charts. In fact there may be a lot of folks reading who haven't started trading yet but would like to understand the discussion.
  9. Yeah, good point. But I suspect anyone who would be sufficiently aware of the concept in the post would also be proficient in charts...
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    What percentage of folks reading understand the concept?
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