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    Daytraders put heavy demands on system resources and are under constant threat from bad guys. Here’s a list of programmes that I have found useful or essential to keeping my PC running fast and well protected.

    Many of you will find you PC runs faster, safer and with a lot more free hard drive space.

    If you have something you are using that you can recommend please add to the list and please state if it’s Free, Full Working Free Trial or we gotta pay to make it work…

    1. To start off, here’s a great programme for listing all running processes. It’s great for killing Messenger and Creative Ring3 NT Interface (this is a driver for 4 speaker surround sound – if your not using 4 speakers it can cause phantom reboots – right click and stop the process. It will come back with any sound and I use this programme to stop it. Like Messenger it’s infamous for being hard to stop, but this makes it easy).

    2. This is great for keeping the registry tuned up – especially after a MS update has hacked away at it. It sticks to the essentials rather that listing 186 problems – and it’s fast.

    3. A “MUST HAVE” security programme and it’s free. This could protect you when your antivirus would fail.

    4. If you wonder how your hard drive got so cluttered, this reveals most of the problems. There’s a fantastic solution to getting more hard drive free space later on this list.
    (Download TreeSize Free)

    5. Ever wondered what your hard drive is up to? Is it a hacker or legitimate process clattering away? This displays everything that’s going on in your hard drive in real time…

    6. I really like this antivirus programme as it’s very fast, doesn’t use much in the way of resources and it’s free. I found this better than AVG if I want to run it during working hours.

    7. A heavyweight Firewall and it’s free. The downside is it takes a bit of work to maintain. Much more effective than Zonelabs Free – will compete with Zonelabs Pro. For goodness sake don’t use Windows Firewall as it doesn’t stop anything leaking information from your PC – Windows Firwall only tries to stop them coming in and it’s not great at that. And if you don’t use a firewall don’t trade online.
    Free – Jetico Personal Firewall

    8. Another heavyweight Firewall that’s easier to configure and use but it’s not free. Great antispyware – try it.
    Full Working Trial Firewall & Antispyware

    9. Helps keep the bad guys out.
    Full Working Trial AntiTrojan

    10. This is a “MUST TRY” but it will take you an hour just to try it out. I tried everything without any problems including compacting my registry. XP collects files like no OS before it and when you delete temp files in the normal way XP still can have many Gb’s of files cluttering up your system. I got rid of 7.5Gb of crap on my hard drive!
    Full Working Free Trial

    11. I’m not sure if there’s a free trial of this one. I bought it because it’s so fast and can be run anytime without placing much of a demand on my system. So far I have not found a free antispyware programme that doesn’t leave a lot to be desired.
    Detects and removes: adware, spyware, pop-Up generators, keyloggers, trojans, hijackers, and malware
    Very Fast

    12. Our charts are written to the hard drive before displaying on the screen and a realtime defrag can speed up this process considerably. On the most recent eSignal Newsletter one vendor is claming it can speed up your system to being 80% faster than when new. For that reason I will list this as a “MUST TRY” product. I’m trying it now but need a fast market to see how it performs under stress.
    Full Working Free Trial

    13. This compliments the above defrag. I’m trying it out and so far I really like it. It avoids page swapping memory files.
    Full Working Free Trial

    14. This is the Defrag that was mentioned in eSignal’s newsletter. I have it on my list to trial next. If anyone has tried it please give it a review.
    Full Working Free Trial

    I hope you find something on this list that helps. Good trading.

    Any comments help to keep this list on the Discussion List so others will see it.
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    Great stuff Yoohoo.
    Look forward to trying a lot of this...but it could take weeks!
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    Useful resource. Thanks Yoohoo.
  4. Guys, the realtime disk defraggers have caused minor conflicts with my Firefox and Ensign. A friend reports no problems. When I changed a timeframe on a chart the bars were missing and webpages were blank. I will try it on a fast market and not change a timeframe to see how it performs.

    All the rest are sweet.
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    Thanks too. I also use ccleaner to clean the registry and its free(sorry, haven't learned to attach the url address yet)
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    Maybe a little out of subject, but related to the system maintenance too, there is a little freeware called Sequoia
    which I appreciate a lot :
    It allows you to "view" the contents of your hardrive, and identify the biggest files.
    You can read some reviews at Snapfile :
    or go to it's home, at the Technisch Universiteit Eindhoven :

    It has been realy helpfull for me a day when Windows pretended that I had no more freespace on my c: drive.
    (The log file of PCCillin, my AV, had reached close to 20 GB!)

  7. wtg - looks good
  8. I use:
    regvac - registry cleaner
    AdAware - anti-spyware
    LogMeIn - remote desktop
    Speed Startup - shortens boot time
    Watchdog-O-Matic - monitors/restarts applications automatically if they crash or hang
  9. MSFT has/had its own program called RegClean. It fixes errors.
    It's on my machine.

    While much of his lists looks good, at least one of those programs will have some sort of spyware or malware in it. Law of averages. No one gives everything away for free..
    So I will stick with the MSFT RegClean.
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