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  1. Maybe I don't get it; maybe all the great education and presumed wisdom gained from living a while, has been wasted; or maybe I am getting senile. But how the F is this off 3.5% when I see all kind of crapola being marked higher and/or holding price levels. Am I missing something.

    This stock should easily be >$50 for many reasons.

    Instead it is one of the largest losers today other than bubble crap stocks.Even NFLX and AAPL etc. are not down as much %. LOL

    Fortunately I have puts and sold calls as going long this at 37.80 was still against the trend. But what imbeciles are selling this so hard, at these price levels, and catching no accumulation from funds or investors, or so it seems.

    Anyone follow this one?

    I have traded this in the 1990s and early 2000s - - - but not recently.

    T Y
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    Could it be related to WAG deal?
  3. must be

    no more proof needed as to why so many people and funds lose money in the markets. they are willing to gamble on crap but at this level ESRX is not being gobbled up. Just merged and I have seen "price targets" of $100; but somehow the ST hedge fund trading crowd can send this lower,
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    I used to follow this name, but haven't over a year. It was a fun one because you would think it's pretty quiet but it isn't. I am going to look at it again.
  5. I have not been in it since 2001

    But always was able to do well as it moves around but is not crazy wild.

    Thus a 2nd look
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    That's why I looked at it. It was more volatile than you would expect, but not Bidu volatile.
  7. ESRX

    never disappoints me

    just like the good olde days