ESPL is simple.... NOT!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by neo_hr, Dec 2, 2001.

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    I have just spent like a whole Sunday trying to programm Ensign to do something but havent moved away from samples. What Id like it to do is scan entire database (multiple qupte lists - i got like 6 of them) for stocks at or above/below BBs.

    HOW COMPLICATED CAN THAT BE?:( Could anyone assist with that? (im thinking tntneo he he...)

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    Hi Alex,

    You know I am not an employee of Ensign.. do you ? :D

    I am just kidding Alex. I am glad you know I always try to help anyone who asks me. Have you tried to go in their chat room at PalTalk ? The boss is there all day.
    I can assist if you have some code and would like me to have a look. But coding it, that's a different story and responsibility.
    I am still very busy with Automation links to brokers (from Ensign and Tradestation). Next january or february, as I hinted earlier, some solutions will finally be available for independant traders, since it is so difficult to find them or get help. But it is too soon for now.

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    K thx, will try PalTalk :)