ESM08 Gap up after hour

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  1. Any thoughts on that? Trend reverse?
  2. ohhhh......boy, i just hope that you not trading real money. That gap was INTC earnings
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    Interesting interesting. Didn't have any position on (wasn't trading today), but shorted 2 ES at 1344.00 and looking to hold overnight.

    Remember we got earnings from EBAY, JPM, WFC, SLM, KO, GILD, IBM, PJC (all very important) tomorrow, and on Thursday:

  4. Yeah, I am trading real money, but I got in at much higher level.

    INTC's earning is weak if you ask me, but who cares what I think right? it's all about how the market re-acts to the news.
  5. Looks like we're heading alot higher tomorrow especially if JPM blows out the estimates, I know their guidance should be very good considering the gift of BSC they were handed by the Fed. So, financials should pop. If techs can lead here, we can get some good beta money back in the market. $sox was being pounded after AMD, but now I think the street realizes that AMD is a result of Intel stealing market share. If you look at AAPL, it tested 145 today, after hours trading at 151. You want to see some beta names popping, it means there's still hot money in this market.
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    Also, forgot to mention that we got that lovely CPI number coming out tomorrow morning (should be ugly!). Hold your shorts!
  7. The numbers are cooked limp by the President's working group aka PPT. If you think they are going to release anything ugly, think again. True inflation is very ugly, but gov stats don't tell the truth.
  8. Are you using esignal? Because I see a gap as well with no trades. But when I look at the Q's and SPY's there is no gap.
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    I'm out of my trade at a 5 point profit this morning. Don't want to be holding into JPM earnings at this moment (although the risky side of me wants to).
  10. exactly what time is the earnings coming out tomorrow?

    and which website shows the result the fastest?
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