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  1. ESL (Engineering Software Lab) the developers of algorithmic trading software programming services have historically been a value added reseller, however I understand that they have been working with a US company on a new automated trading program which has been earning excellent reviews. They are the largest technical software resellers in Israel and I am really putting my ear to the ground to see if fellow traders are familiar with this prospective new company/product?
  2. I am familiar with ESL but not aware of any trading software projects underway at present. They do however have the resources and experience in my opinion to be a player in the market. Here's a bit more info on the company:

    "Founded in August 2005, ESL (Engineering Software Lab Ltd) is an Israel-based technical software reseller and professional services company focused on Source Code Analysis, Security, Software Engineering and Development Components. We offer end-to-end solutions that include software, project and consulting services, integration and implementation services, and training. A Parasoft Software Elite Partner, ESL resells and offers certified consulting services for Parasoft's Automatic Error Prevention (AEP) product lines. In addition, ESL is an authorized Parasoft Support Partner, providing responsive, local software support for Parasoft's AEP solutions. ESL is also a certified reseller for Wolfram Research's Mathematica product line.

    In addition to partnering with Parasoft Software and Wolfram Research, ESL has established strategic vendor partnerships with various other Software vendors, among them Cenzic,(our solution for Web Applications Security) Objective Systems, SubMain, TeamF1, Armorize (see full vendors list here), and interoperate to provide support for the entire application development lifecycle. ESL also has R&D department that develops and markets technologies that are complementary to its vendor products.

    ESL is maintaining and supporting deployment of Open Source products in its areas of expertise, typical example is the Frama C project.

    ESL's executive team has a wealth of combined industry knowledge, making the company a dominant player in the Israeli enterprise software quality and development markets. Our team has acquired extensive experience by helping Israeli companies and clients worldwide integrate product development processes departmentally across the enterprise.

    At ESL, our team is committed to providing full lifecycle support for developing, testing and delivering market-driven products. From capturing and validating requirements to product testing to ensure that requirements have been met, ESL's focus is on helping customers manage and deliver the highest value products possible."
  3. Thanks Jane, I have looked into a US connection and not found an awful lot of info. As they are a private company and a value added reseller it is most likely that the product would be under another company name, with ESL Software having assisted in the development of the technology. There is a lot of share trading software available with many applications. I am really interested in a tool where it will assist with a lot of technical analysis. This is where I really don't have the time to apply to the process and what I had heard is that the ESL Trading Software was most useful. Keep me posted if you learn of any further advances or similar products!!
  4. I was looking into this a bit more and wasn't sure if there was a connection with ESL Investments in the US? They're a huge hedge fund managed by Edward Lampert. Actually on their Wikipedia page there is mention of an ESL International who are a stock market investment technology company. Whether or not there are ties to Engineering Software Lab I'm not sure.
  5. It may be more beneficial if you state exactly what you are looking for in a trading system and perhaps we can help direct you to a suitable trading program. If it is algorithmic trading software that appeals then the following should be a good guide to get started:

    Algorithmic trading software refers to auto trading programs which expert, average, and even untested traders rely on as an extra safety net at the bottom of their campaign. It is designed to gather market data each second and respond or trade accordingly on your behalf so that you always end up on the prosperous sides of your trades. With so many competitors in this blossoming field, the ability to separate the lemons from the winners is essential. Be sure that whichever trading program you investigate excels on all 3 of these counts.

    Reaction Time - This point trumps all of the rest and consequently I've decided to cover it first. If your algorithmic trading software doesn't react and respond quickly within real market conditions, forget about it, as I don't have to tell you, this is where the real money is made and lost. I've tested lethargic lemons with stylish and deceptive branding, and I've tested programs which impressed me so much as to begin writing articles such as this one to spread word about them.

    There is some algorithmic trading software out there which sets the standard for these programs and leaves others in the dust. They'll buy and sell as many times as a trend in the market changes from positive to negative and back again. These programs are tireless in the work which they carry out for you. No time or strength is wasted on your end, and you have the guaranteed peace of mind and satisfaction around the clock of knowing that your campaign and money are in good hands.

    Generally it's difficult to test or experience this aspect of any algorithmic trading software without doing it first hand. Fortunately, the more reputable publishers who stand by their product offer full money back trial periods over which you can do just that and test the program adequately before having to fully commit to your decision. That being said, user reviews are also great ways to get a feel for all aspects of a program without having felt it yourself.

    Interface - A discouraging and cluttered algorithmic trading software interface can stop your trading ambitions dead in their tracks, so look for something that you can feel comfortable with using. While these programs are generally designed with the non-technologically inclined in mind and are easy to use, don't get discouraged if you have some difficulty getting into them at first. Like the first point, don't hesitate to test out the program first hand and dig into some reviews of that program to get a good feel for this, these tools are set in place for you for a reason.

    Customer Service - Many traders approach this final point as an afterthought. The truth is, typically if the first two points check out, the publisher of the algorithmic trading software took some time and is most likely in this for the long haul, and this includes delivering quality customer service. Still, you'll want to know for sure early on that if you ever have a question or concern that it will be dealt with quickly and effectively. If no phone support exists, send the publisher a test email saying that you're interested in their product and gauge their response time.
  6. Thank you for the feedback, I was specifically interested in the ESL trading system as I had a colleague in the US that made a specific reference to them recently. It seems to be all a bit hush hush at present however as I can't seem to find any specific info on them at present. Thank you for taking the time to share anyway.
  7. I was reminded recently of this thread, pulling long hours at Glencore. We are using a lot of ESL technology in terms of our core market analysis and company infrastructure. I was talking to a colleague and they use ESL Financial systems on a personal level as well. Not a huge fan of their interface but all in all very effective analytical structure.
  8. Top of the Class! Thanks, yes I've since been onto the case and am set up now with ESL Financial Day Trading Software. The absolute best charting application for those of us who need to take multiple amounts of data and manipulate it to our liking. This software has helped me understand the markets better than any other more expensive softwares have. I make more pips because of this application.
  9. That's good news.. I found this quote which I thought was quite relevant:

    It is easy to understand why a person would decide to use stock trading software. It is seemingly a decision that needs no thought. Once an investor decides he wants to use stock trading software, the search begins. There are many programs available. Some are “free” to account holders at brokerage firms, which have developed the software. This proprietary software will direct you to place an order through that firm. Firms run the risk that you could always use the information to place orders at other firms however this is not recommended. Other software programs are advertised in trading magazines or mentioned in books on “how to invest”. The search for good trading software can be extensive and, if caution is not used, expensive. Testimonials abound on the software advertisements and printed examples of profitable trades made by their happy clients. Regrettably, unless you personally know someone that has used software for trading and which have been successful, you must sort through all of the positive information and determine for yourself which software is the best for you.
  10. I've found the ESL Financial day trading software offers a comprehensive collection of complex charting tools, including the ability to customize every chart type and multiple Gann and Fibonacci options. Bars can be set by the minute, hour, day or week as well as by ticks/trades, range or trade volume.

    In terms of drawing tools, the ESL Financial DTS Pro offers high/low snaps, erase, move, copy, text modification as well as color, line, style and more customization choices. It also offers symbol choices and angle and slope options. Really, this stock charting tool is quite powerful and provides everything we were looking for including multiple monitor support.

    Again upon referral to ESL Financial the support network was one of the things that really sold me on the product. Very switched on and attentive.
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