Esignal's NYSE open book

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by NYSEtrader123, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. I was thinking about trying the NYSE open book that esignal offers. Does anybody use it or have any info about it?

  2. I found the statement below on the Esignal web site. Does anybody know is this 10 second delay exists on all NYSE open books or is the esignal book a lagger to the others.


    How Often Data for NYSE Open Book Updates
    The NYSE sends out the data in 10-second bursts. That's why you may see the Open Book out of sync occasionally with the best bid/ask quote in a quote window. Unlike with NASDAQ Level II data, the NYSE doesn't stream the data tick by tick in Open Book
  3. I think their documentation is out of date. Openbook started as a 10 second snapshot and then went to a 5 second snapshot in 2004. NYSE says they're eventually going to a realtime version, but the spec for that product has been around since mid 2004 and there's been no real word on when/if it will ever happen. I think it may be more data to push out than NYSE can handle right now.

    FWIW - I use it and think the 5 second snap still gives more information than you can get watching a regional display or looking at the data from an ECN on some of the bigger listed stocks.