eSignal's lovely 2-3 second delay.

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  1. Anyone else experiencing a 2-3 second delay in the esignal feed? I was placing orders and seeing them getting filled at prices that that stock didn't even trade at yet according to eSignal's tape. Also, I'd see my p/l number moving in IB when eSignal's tape was dead still.

    Finally I compared the last price in IB to the last price in eSignal. Once the IB last price changed I started counting until the eSignal last price changed...

    ...One one thousand...two one thousand...THREE one thousand!!!WHAT??!!

    So, I called eSignal. Tech said that might be as good as it gets! He admitted that IB data is faster than eSignal because they get direct access to the data from the exchange. Wow. Asked him if I could use IB data in eSignal...Nope, can only use eSignals DELAYED feed in esignal. Great.
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    i too have esig and ib, but i dont see lag the lag. but i cant leave esig.

    no other charter ive found lets you drag the vertical scale up and down so effortlessly.

    but i do wish IB data would import into esig
  3. I'm not a big fan of E-Sig but I would be hard pressed to say that they don't get their quote data directly from the exchange.

    That sounds absurd.
  4. Yes, on occasion, nearly every day Esignal volume charts lag for me. Strange thing is the quote board I have open for the vafious indices reflect the current last trade simultaneous with my DOM. ie, the raw numbers of the indices don't lag in the quote window, but do lag in the charts. I don't get it.
  5. yes, a couple of second delay compared to IB is usual for eSignal.

    eSignal has third world data feed.

    I think for each stock there's a guy on the phone telling them the last price...
  6. This happened with me when I last used E-Signal about 4 years ago. For some bizarre reason, there was a ton of latency in their charts and they could never figure it out . . .

    I must have spent something like 20 hours helping them troubleshoot this over a 2 week period, but it didn't matter.

    It was hopeless.