eSignal's EFS2 and TS's EasyLanguage

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  1. I am using eSignal and am considering openning a TS account. I need to port our eSignal EFS2 code to TS's Easylanguage and I hv a few quesitons:

    1) In EFS2, I can specify the interval and symbol. For example, sma(10, sym("ES #F,10")) will always calculate the 10-EMA of the ES continuous contract data on 10min interval, even if I load the EFS2 on a 5minute YM chart. Does EasyLanguage allow me to do the same thing?

    2) Can TS give alerts/signals out before a bar is complete??

    My eSignal is very unstable and crashs all the time. I hope that TS can do a better job....

  2. I hv checked the EasyLanguage reference guide and found below:
    - Average(Close,20) of data2: base the entire function on another data stream
    - Average(Close of data2, 20): base the parameter on another data stream

    So I hv a few more questions:
    i) Must I load the data2 on the same chart first? Or can it be just taken from another chart?
    ii) Can I show a 30min 20bar MA on a 10min chart (assuming same symbol)?

  3. i) Yes. No.

    ii) Yes, just reference the data2, e.g., close of data2 as input to the MA
  4. However, if I use data2 as input to the MA, I believe I need data2 to be plot in 30min interval first. This means I will need data1 in 10min interval and data2 in 30min on the SAME chart. Can I hv a symbol plot in different intervals on the same chart? thx
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  6. mmillar, this is very intersting and i know neoticker
    can overlay timeframes for candlecharts in single
    chart (not in subgraph).

    How you can do this in TradeStation8?
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    I assume richardyu301 was interested in plotting the higher timeframe in a subgraph.
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    But you can also plot two timeframes in the same graph. This is 5 min bars on 15 min candlesticks.
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    You can actually pull data from other charts. It doesn't need to be on data2. However, this feature is provided by an additional (free) DLL that isn't supported by TS staff.
  10. eSignal can allow plotting indicators of different timeframes on the same chart.
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