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  1. I am using Excel DDE to connect to esignals data manager. I request 50 symbols at a time, delete the dde link request a new set of 50 symbols. THe problem is data manager does not flush the old symbols so after 10 requests I hit the 500 symbol limit. I then have to go to dm, and clear the db of the old symbols. I called esignal and the help desk does not know anything about how to help me. Would anyone here know how to flush that data manager programtically? or better yet suggest a better alternative to getting stock options data into XL using DDE? Thanks. I don't mind it being 10 minutes late.
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    E-signal tech support is useless in my experience. They keep you on the phone forever, don't solve the problem, tell you they will call you back and then never do.
    I reported a similar problem with the symbol limit not clearing with one of their own products called Tahoe Charts. It has been one month and nothing has been done. If they can't fix the integration bugs with their own products, then I doubt they will be able to help you with your situation. Good luck.
  3. There's got be a way to get delayed data in XL using DDE w/o using esignal or using windows API to control datamanaager. After all in data manager you only need to do 3 commands in the menu. Any other help?
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    I ran into the same thing with a 200 limit. I increased to 500, fine now. Sounds like you need the unlimited symbols plan.

    Either that or keep closing/reloading the data manager. I think I read that technically, your not supposed to try to circumvent the symbol limit this way....more esignal BS.
  5. If you don't care about it being 10 minutes late then consider using I think they have a dde link. Also consider Tradestion. I think they may have a dde link.

    Hey, I hate guts but I trade intraday and need good data. If I was doing swing trading would work pretty good.

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    This is a known issue, and has been logged into our eSignal development database as EDL#11191. There isn't any ETA at this time for correcting this issue.

    One way around this issue and to get more control in general over the data you are needing, you could use our ActiveX API. More information on that can be found at
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    That's incorrect. The symbol limit is the number of symbols you have requested the symbol "streams" for. Restarting the Data Manager or using the "Reset DBs" button in the Data --> Symbols menu aren't circumventing the symbol limit. They are just ways of refreshing the list of symbols in the symbol database.
  8. Yes, eSig has a user level retail API... called DeskTop API... (ActiveX based)...

    You can flush the DataManager with a canned function call that is built into this API...

    but instead i would suggest that you save a lot of time, money and agony by spending some time looking for OTHER companies better priced DDE feeds than eSigs OVER PRICED 'SYMBOL LIMIT PACKAGES' - you gotta hunt hard but they are out there... :cool:
  9. You can try a little number called XLQ, a shareware by QMatix which will feed your Excel from several sources, including Yahoo! delayed for free.
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    So, we've been winging it with faulty software for how many years now??

    FIX IT!
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