Esignal's custormer service needs work

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jem, Nov 5, 2003.

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    I used Esignal for a while, probably a year. I contributed to an assent office using esignal. (By the way I could still go through that office and get a reasonable deal but I am sort of pissed off at Esignal. So now I am using only and a friend's new feed and charting that I am beta testing. I usually use two feeds so perhaps I do not need esignal. But, here is the deal

    I was moving so I believe I spoke with esignal and told them I was moving. I am also pretty sure the guy said hey no problem with will just turn off for a few months and they you can start it up again. I am pretty sure we even dealt with this issue specifially, but I want to see what their records say. Besides they would have asked me why I was canceling. It turns out that I had a good rate when I switched over from a different feed. And they hate giving people good rates, but I did not expect them to pull shannigans on me.

    Now I call back and try to reestablish my account, and they said nope you got to pay this new double rate.

    Now since I know they will read this thread I will give them a chance to respond before I complain further.
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    We do run special promotions from time to time ( usually when we introduce a new partnership ) and always incorporate some sort of deadline or expiration date into the deal. That holds true to for customers cancelling and returning. If you are on a special rate and then elect to cancel, we'll hold that rate for up to 30 days in case you change your mind. After 30 days, our standard rates apply. That's our "policy" if you will.

    If you were promised otherwise, than that's a different issue. We'd need to look into that further and we'd need your account name or customer ID to do so. Feel free to PM or email me.