eSignal's $50 Level II Surcharge

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  1. What is this $50 Level II Surcharge for monthly subscribers? The Level II exchange fees are only $9, but they tack on an extra $50? I don't understand this ....

    Also, I heard TotalView exchange fees were going from $150 to $15, but eSignal (and all the other providers) haven't dropped their rates yet.....
  2. gotta love it :).. at least esignal just dropped their "Region" fee.. which was nonsense.. competition is a wonderful thing..

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    From $50 to $20...
  4. I would like to see more of this at eSignal and other providers...
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    Not only is our Market Depth fee being reduced and the Region Fee going away, but also NASDAQ's TotalView is being reduced from $150 to $14 (that's fourteen... not a typo.)
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    Jay, can you tell me why e-signal charges VAT to European customers since a couple of month, even if you only subscribe to quotes for the US-markets?
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    Effective 1 July 2003, the European Union (EU) instigated a new directive regarding e-commerce VAT (Value Added Tax). It requires all providers of electronically delivered goods and services to apply the VAT charge to the goods and services provided to customers in the EU.

    In other words, it doesn't really matter what you subscribe to. If you reside in a country that's part of the EU, you are subject to this new e-commerce VAT.

    For more information, please refer to this official EU notice.

  8. I raised hell about this two years ago but you can see how much good it did.
  9. The market depth fee you're referring to is $50 per month or $20 per month if you pay annually? When will this happen?
  10. I always wondered what the "E" stands for from "E"signal, I now realize it means "Expensive"

    I'm only trading partime whenever I have a weekday off. The method I'm using requires data for the full size SP Futures from the CME which I can't get from Interactive Brokers so I've had to subscribe to Esignal. I only need this data, I don't need any other data but I can't just subscribe to a basic account for $69 a month I have to subscribe to a Futures account for $129 a month. Then I have to pay another $53 a month for CME exchange fees for a total of $182 a month. That might not be much for a profitable experienced trader but its a huge amount for me right now.

    For that price I was expecting some great software, but I tried their charting program. In my opinion it's not even half as good as Jerry Medved's Quotetracker. Their intraday data only goes back for 2 months as well. I'm not that great a trader yet but even I know that its not nearly enough data for any decent backtesting.

    I understand that the first month's trial with Esignal is free (less exchange fees) but is it true what I heard that if you continue beyond one month you'll get charged for that first month anyway?
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