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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by GeorgeSoros, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. Do you guys have problems with speed on eSignalCentral? It is really sloowww to download any EFS on the site: it seems their webserver is limiting dramatically the bandwith allocated, and they only gives us 2 slots for downloading 2 efs at the same time.
    Indeed eSignalCentral is the slowest american site I know, and I do have a 2MB line so I am not used to that...

    (Also there EFS Help center and library is corrupted : any EFS there, sends you a APACHE error message: file is missing)...

    Hope things will evolve positively soon on this 2 topics
  2. Hi George,

    These are problems we have not heard of previously. Particularly downloading EFS studies from the library. I'll pass this on to our engineers for their review.

  3. Dion Loy

    Dion Loy eSignal

    We've made some tweaks to eSignalCentral, the downloads should be much faster now.
  4. ZBEAR


    Now that's "SERVICE" !!!

    ........ very impressive guys !
  5. Dion,

    It is PERFECT now! from 3kb/s to 50kb/s, that is 16x faster (!!!)
  6. Dion,

    EFS database is still not working properly: try to go in those sections :

    KELTNER : can you see Apache errors?

    OSCILLATORS : can you download all indicators?

    VOLUME : many problems here also...

    Did you remove the 2 - 3 slots limit on eSignalcentral too?

  7. Dion Loy

    Dion Loy eSignal

    George, are you in a specific file share group on eSignalCentral? Can you give me a link to the page?

    I believe by default IE will only let you download 2 files from the same URL at any given time. There is a registry tweak to adjust for this, I don't have it handy though.
  8. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    We can see the Apache errors as well and are investigating. Hopefully, we'll be able to fix tomorrow.

  9. Dion,

    I tried to find the reg key by myself (to remove IE 2 files limit) but couldn't find it . If you find it, it would be nice. It could be quite useful as I am a heavy EFS downloader!
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