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    Does anyone have this problem? If so how did you overcome it. Thanks

    Many or most of the time when I start up my esignal, the data manager will not automatically start. Thus, I have to restart my esignal again. Usually I have to restart my esignal a few times before the data manager will appear. Only when the data manager appears, then can I start using esignal.
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    i used to have a number of minor problems with e-signal, and i've solved them all

    i got rid of e-signal

    overpriced, if you have real time from IB, i do my analytical charting with real time package
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    The real time package is a bit of misnomer. The charts are not streaming charts, you update them by clicking your browser's Refresh button.
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    absolutely correct (although they do have auto refresh now), streaming i get from IB real time charts
  5. delayed quotes, shit charts, no news....other than its excellent.
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    Ok. Thanks to all.
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    You might also want to run the eSignal diagnostic tool. I had this problem where real time feed would suddenly stop for eSignal though other things like Neoticker and Multichart would continue running. This was bizarre 3rd party software would work while their 'advanced charting' would stall. In any case the Diagnostic Tool revealed a previously installed driver on my system that was not removed and this prevented the eSignal platform from working properly.
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    Can you pls tell me where is the diagnostic tool? It doesn't seem to be in any of the menu and checking the help index does not produce it either. Thanks

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    You're right about the auto refresh feature. It can be set up to auto update every 15, 30 or 60 seconds. The trade-off is it is still slower than streaming but will have better visual quality. The other drawback with auto refresh is it cannot be directly manipulated by users as can be done with streaming.
  10. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    You'll need at least 7.91 installed. Look in the eSignal sub-directory and you'll find it there.

    Once you run it, you can even "send" it to us and it'll attach to your account so our reps can refer to the report when you call.

    This KB Article describes each section of the Diagnostic Tool.

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