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    So what is the overall opinion of eSignal?
    Any good?
    Went to a wizetrade demo today, what a bunch of slick salesmen.
    Seems there's a plethura of trading software out there, just trying to seperate the good from bad.
    First glance eSignal seems to be pretty good, course thought that about Wizetrade before I saw the demo. :eek:
  2. Been using E-Signal for 6-7 years, very happy with it. Pricey, but worth it if you need the coding functionality. Feed is very relaible and with low latency the last time I checked it.
  3. My god man run for the door, Wize Trade and 4X made easy are shit!

    I believe in the law of reciprocity so here goes......... esignal is ok, I have used it, but consider DTN IQ or Prohet X. Esignal was reliable the 3 months I used it, but overpriced. Also I have been considering having a look at topgunsoftware .com . They have some nice tools, seem genuine, the guy even shows a loss in the video and claims he trades everyday with it. No I am not affiliated with them I just believe in Karma. Also Tamora Pro looks very good if you are day trading stocks. You can also use a cheap/free data feed like IB (flakey IMO though), Trans Act Futures and pump it into Sierra Charts or Quote Tracker. There you go.

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    The e-signal feed is generally reliable and I must have a very good & reliable feed.

    However I don't like the e-signal layout and use their feed for Ensign software which facilitates my very demanding requirements for continuous live trading.
  5. Esignal is ok. It used to be horrible during fast market conditions in the ES market. With tick aggregation it seems to have gotten better. I just use the feed and it seems to be fine 98% of the time. When it's down the other 2% it seems to be when I need it most. If you need 100% reliability make sure to have multiple feed providers and multiple brokerage accounts.
  6. if you do not trade intra day than esignal is great !
  7. esignal isnt cutting edge. they seem to be comfortable where they are at. They are the highest fee while there product and service is no better than cheaper one. Have you looked at tradestation. They are free if you are anactive trader .
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    Okay, this is wierd.
    Just the other day went to a seminar regarding the wizetrade software for 3995, and today only you can have it for 2995 and we'll through in this veg-o-matic.......
    Well, just got an invitation from eSignal for an online seminar regarding their Advanced Get software. Has red and green lights for your buying signals and is only...........3995.
    Is this a joke? Is wizetrade aka esignal or vice versa? esignal also has their Advanced Get Scanner just like the other company, so are they really one and the same?
  9. there is no software that will make you a winner . It wil take 3-5 years to learn how to trade. The secret to cut down the learning curve is to find a mentor . I could give you a nascar race car and a 3 day driving course and you wouldnt be able to win a race for 2-3 years . If that makes any sense . dont believe the hype!!!!!!!!
  10. for Wealth-Lab Pro, you just need to open an account in Fidelity with 25K then you get it for free too.. anybody tried ?
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