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    I have been using Esignal for a couple months now. Honestly though, I mostly just use it for the e-mini's, and had only used Nextrend's free service before so I don't really have much to compare it with. I really have not noticed any problems though. If I want to look at a tick chart there are some hickups maybe, and I've noticed if I run a quote screen with maybe 50 stocks it can run slow (or maybe that's just my computer). I can't say that I have heard any compliants about the feed though (I searched through everything I could find on this forum, and for the price, it seemed to win), just esignals software for charting (which I use Ensign for).

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    Splat, this thread should have been started in the Software forum.

    As a newbie, don't discount value-for-money Quicken Quote Live.

    With IB and QQL you'll be making a good start.

    Good luck
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    Uhhh .... you are right .. sorry to all about my mistake. Maybe
    one of the moderators can move it to there .... pretty
    please :D ?


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