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  1. cartm


    When are the Van Arps studies going to become available for the esignal platform, and will there be documentation based on the package of studies. Thanks
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    I would like to see the gap between the candlesticks closed. I also have qcharts but am trying esignal out. In qcharts there is no gap between the candlesticks therefore you can see more data. In the fatter to skinnier setting there should be a setting that just before they go from fatter to real skinny there should be a setting that closes that gap. Or just close the gap in all the settings to make room for more candlesticks on ones chart.
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  3. Looking into it and around.

    P.s. Still use some of the same [approximately] old moving averages mentioned on Esignal video.Same as William O'Neil[IBD]


    5/27-5/28/2002 ''all gave some--some gave all''Memorial Day:cool:
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    I am trying to get the ndx and the compx on the same chart in advanced charts, does anyone know how to do this, also, is there any way to darken the grid lines on the charts? And I posted about this already but are there reference materials out yet on the advancedget studies, and does anyone know when the other studies are going to become available? Thanks
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    We haven't added symbols overlays to Advanced Charting yet but plan to do so in the near future. You can do spreads if that helps ( i.e. chart the difference between as many as 3 symbols ). Here's an FAQ on how to insert a spread:

    While you can change the colors of the grid lines, you can not currently change the thickness of the lines so we've added that to the suggestion list. Thanks.

    Lastly, we should have the doc on the Advanced Get studies posted by Wed afternoon. Sorry for the delay. I'll let you know when they are ready.

    No specific ETA on the Jan Arps studies but I'm hearing they will be ready by the end of the month, if not sooner.

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  6. honghsu


    These three issues stop me using your eSignal 7.0 software:

    1. Exiting your software causes winsig.exe use up 47% cpu all time
    Using File -> Exit All & Save to quit eSignal 7.01 version build 438
    causes winsig.exe to eat up 47% cpu forever. You even can not kill the winsig.exe. I am using Windows ME with Pentium 4 1.4 MHz and 512 MB RAM. This is reproducible and happens every time.

    2. 5 clicking to switch duration of time frames
    In order to look at 30-min chart two month ago, I have to click 5
    times: Chart Options -> Properties... -> General tab -> choose Number of Days, then click OK. First of all, It is too much for users to have 5 clicking! It should allow to hold down left or right arrow key or combo key for shifting chart to see a chart in past. Secondly choosing 60 days duration diminishes clearness of 30-min chart because my intention is to see 30-min chart between 4/10 and 4/20, not between 4/10 and 6/10.

    3. Lack previous volume
    In quote window, there is no yesterday volume column one can add.

    Please let us know when these issues will be resolved, Thanks,
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