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  1. Another thing that annoyed me with eSignal :

    Why do we , as European, have to pay an extra fee of 50 USD monthly to have access to our markets ???

    I don't see the point, guys... European flows don't do that...
    How many customers do you have that are ready to pay for this stupid fee? How many customers do you think you would have if you eliminate this 'segregation' fee ?

    I think this fee is completely ridiculous, as is the 50 USD per month for Nasdaq Level 2 (ok I also know if you pay yearly it is 0 USD) ...

    Maybe you would become a serious competitor of Qcharts if you eliminate this archaic structure fee you have now
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  2. Regarding eSignal web site :

    Why not post directly release notes on a web page on the web site so that people can read it before downloading AND mainly BEFORE installing the new release ?

    That would be great to have a webpage for entering bugs , this webpage would also list current bugs ...

    And finally a webpage for asking for enhancements where you could read other enhancements requests ...

    All of that to be more customer oriented.

    EFS guide should be available on eSignal website and not on Yahoo also... eSignal website should be the reference site for this new language...
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  4. Thanks for the URL.

    Can someone clarify if or not TICK and HISTORY is available for European markets ? Can read both YES and NO on the website and this forum......
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  5. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    Thank you for your questions/feedback.

    On the European History data, the change went into effect on 5/21/02 and our site has now been updated. If you can still find the text you reference here, please send the link directly to me at So we're clear, European Equity History data is now available!

    Regarding the region fee, all our base packages include 1 region. So if you follow just US stocks or follow just European stocks, then no region fee will apply. If you want data from multiple regions, that's when the region fee applies. Simple reason is due to the high costs of delivering data from around the world. Very few vendors offer access to all of these exchanges and cost is the primary reason.

    On adding these reference materials to the our web site, that is in progress. The release notes and EFS materials will all be available on our site soon. In general, we do post release notes for customer to read before downloading. Regarding the ongoing bug list, that's a good suggestion and one we've actually tried before. We'll look into it again.

    Thanks again for the feedback.
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    Scott J,
    I just got advancedget for esignal, I went to the yahoo groups and no one seems to know where to get reference materials on the studies, where can i get documents that will help me with these studies, like tjsweb, gann box, mob, pti, i would like a manual or something, for 160 bucks a month i dont think its a lot to ask. thanks
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  8. Scott J

    And while you're at it, why not have the outdated version 5.3 manual removed from the website and one for 7.0 put up. It's only, what, 6 versions old by now?

    We could use some detailed info on the advanced charting in 7.x.
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  9. Scott;

    Excellant Esignal instruction book and wise instruction video.Got mine late1990's :)

    [1] Did they improve the leaders window[esignal]?????????For example only 10 price percentage gainers. Only 10 volume leaders????????????????????????

    Window on Wall Street,Quicken Quotes Live had 40 or more + following;

    What about these leader windows;

    [2] 40 each point gainers

    [3] 40 each above VWAP

    [4] 40 each below VWAP

    [5] 40 each unfilled gaps

    [6] 40 each years high

    [7] 40 eachyears lows

    P.s. I left esignal not just for the counting hassle mentioned earlier but the wrong answer to the 7 questions.Could have mentioned ''most trades ''also..................................................................
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  10. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    Most of the information currently available on 7.0 can be viewed under the Customer Support or Help menus ( eSignal 7.0 info ). We have also added several EFS reference documents under the Yahoo eSignal Group Files area.

    All of this information and additional documentation, including instructions for the new Advanced Get studies, will be consolidated in a new support section that will be ready next week.

    In terms of our manual, a new updated 7.0 manual will be put into production soon and sent to new customers as part of our standard Welcome Kit. Existing customers will also have an opportunity to order one.

    Regarding leaders and market scanning, our leaders ( active, % gain, % loss ) still show the Top 10, updated every 5 minutes during the day. We have now added powerful new scanning tools that scan the entire market in realtime and will return any number of results, well into the hundreds depending on the scan criteria.

    You can read about them here and sign-up for a free trial:

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