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    Yes, we do plan to have quote sheet formulas but it may not make it into the first gold release of 7.0 It would likely be a part of 7.1 a few months later.

    And yes, we do plan to support the NYSE Open Book this year but I do not have a more precise ETA at this time.

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    where do you go to find information on the formula part of the beta release, i dont know how to use it and how do u get a l2 window thanks
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    download eSignal 7.0 final version ... or find/join the eSignal Yahoo Group for individual support


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    To all:

    The initial maintenance release for eSignal, version 7.01, is now available to download. You can get it here:

    To read about changes and improvements in this new version, please see the readme file that will get loaded into your eSignal directory after you download. If you are also a member of the eSignal Yahoo group, you can also access this readme file here:

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    eSignal Support eSignal

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    i just upgraded to the advancedget on the new esignal, are there educational documents about the advanced studies on the web, i cant find any, i tried ad website educational but there was not much there, i am looking for something like a reference guide or anyone who is familiar with the studies i would appreciate feedback, also, is anyone going to the seminar in ny thanks
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    With my TC2000 , I can scan the entire market for my specified
    criteria. If I run metastock or amibroker with an esignal feed and
    my scan spits out more than 50 symbols, how would that work with esignal's 50 symbol limitation.
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  10. NOTE: The new version of eSignal (7.01) includes streaming real-time European data; however, no European tick or historical data is available at this time. European historical data will be added to the service in a future release of eSignal software. If you would like to be notified when historical European data is available on eSignal, please send an email message to: with your request.

    This is from eSignal website.

    As I can see on this thread eSignal support say the opposite...

    so I guess someone is wrong here...
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