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  1. cartm


    currently beta testing 7 and it is very nice, as a former user of qcharts very similiar, except more reliable. would like to see more additions like plugins found on eq. like price projections, and the breakout bars tab. those 2 would be nice. i think the limit on symbols is misleading, i thought it would be a issue but it hasnt been yet. customer support good too but i think they need those plugins because the scanner isnt as good as the hotlists
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  2. shyhh


    You might like to try Tradestation 2000i. The TS data server links with Esignal and PCquote and has an API based on COM.
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  3. wild



    download eSignal 6.3 and/or 7.0 prebeta ... the "TurboFeedData Manager" is included


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  4. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

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  5. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

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  6. mbt3


    does the new esignal 7 allow for charts to scroll automatically..?

    e.g. unless I reposition the chart using the zoom in/out the live bar will dissapear behind the vertical axis..

    The charts do not automatically scoll thus keeping the live bar always visible..

    This is almost unusable because I have to keep re scaling the charts whenever the live bar gets too nea the vertical axis..and this also causes any trendlines to not be visable when I zoom in..

    A shame could be so much more futuresource and/or cqg internet feeds..

    appreciate any feedback, esp from esignal..thx
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    eSignal Support eSignal

    I'm not 100% sure I understand the question but if you're asking if you can scroll forward or backward in time in the 7.0 charting, the answer is yes. In the current eSignal charting ( ver 6.3 or earlier ), the chart is basically a "snapshot" in time. The new charting handles the time scale very differently.

    We should be able to add the drawing tools within a week or two, then go officially to beta soon after.

    The feedback has been very positive from the pre-beta users.

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  8. shyhh



    I couldn't find the API for the Turbofeed Data. I think it's not released to retail customer yet.
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  9. cartm


    using the beta of esig very nice gonna be the best out there once it goes gold, but i have a question, does anyone use the scanner, what are youre experiences with it and do you use it as eod or realtime scanner comparable to other scanners eq, trade prospector, tc2000, oz sw and the other realtick scanners thanks
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  10. gambler


    Does Esignal Beta offer custom quote sheet columns like EQ?

    Also, is there any plans to offer NYSE OpenBook?

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