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  1. BruceF


    I updated to 6.3 last night. I don't see a change in the current portfolio total. Or any option to include closed trades in the total.
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  2. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal turns out several portfolio improvements made it into ver 6.3 ( closed positions used to zero out for ex. ) but not the option to include closed positions in the totals. Sorry about that.

    It will be included in version 7.0 before it goes Gold.

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  3. 2-B


    I don't have any problems with the symbol limits myself. Actually I like it. I believe that limiting the number of symbols for each user keeps the data very reliable. That way we don't have everyone trying to download thousands upon thousands of symbols at once and possibly hogging server resources. I trade futures and I have a set # of symbols I watch each day. However, if I traded stocks and needed to watch hundreds of different stocks per day then I would just pay the additional $$$ for the higher symbol limits.

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  4. guess I found the answer. Esignal scanner is equiv. of QChart hotlist. Just costs extra.
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  5. How about fixing the constant bandwidth problems we have in eSig? 3-4 times a week for the first 30-45 minutes the market is open the 6-month daily charts are horribly slow to update. I routinely flip through 30-50 charts in the first half hour the market's open and sometimes I have to stare at a blank chart until it downloads. Also, the 10-day 15-minute chart I set up comes down very slowly - the candles littlerally appear one at a time.

    That would be a welcome upgrade. It's not my ISP - I have a 3.2MBit cable .
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  6. Here's how you should handle the symbol count problem.

    1. Each User should be allowed to have an unlimited Portfolio of symbols. Each time a User types in a symbol in one of the windows, it should be added to this Portfolio. The User should be allowed to build, import/export and edit symbols in this Portfolio.

    2. eSignal should collect data only for symbols that are currently displayed in an open window. Any data collected should be Cached to the hard disk so that it can be retrieved later without downloading it from the eSignal servers. The User should be able to refresh the Cached data if they notice it is corrupted. When a User adds a symbol to one of the open windows, eSignal will search for the Cached data and then retrieve only the new data from the server.

    3. eSignal should issue a message to the User only if he/she attempts to display more then a total of 50 symbols in currently open windows in their workspace.

    4. eSignal should also offer the User the ability to select up to 50 symbols in the Portfolio for which data is always collected. This solves the problem of slow chart switching for people with dial-up connections. eSignal should prompt the User to remove or deselect one of the symbols if the total number of always active symbols plus any different symbols currently displayed in their workspace exceeds 50.

    I'm sure this would make most Users happy, including myself. Of course, I don't blame you for making the symbol count thing a "Pain the A$$", because it encourages Users to pay more for the advanced service. :D


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  7. Miki


    I am glad that the new style charts have been designed to be additional tool rather than existing charts replacement.

    As it stands you can play with them, admire the potential of them, be impressed with the ease of switching between various time frames… but you can’t use them.

    To be useful for evaluation purposes (or trading) the least I would require is the ability to draw a line / trendline.

    All I can say is that I see the huge amount of work they put into these new features and I truly appreciate it.

    When it gets fully completed and debugged (please make sure you take backup of old files) it is going to be a tremendous product.

    I will most certainly renew my subscription.
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  8. Dano


    Hi all. Any opinions on Esignal 7? I am seriously considering using Esignal as my data provider, I currently use rt3 for data. I like the price of esignal, and understand they have reliable data. Any comments much appreciated. TIA
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  9. wild


    absolutely the right thing to do ... get your pre-beta 7.0 for advanced charting first thing once you´re online


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  10. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

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