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    does anybody use ESignal data via some API ? I am interested if ESignal provides such an API at an affordable cost, i cannot find anything on their website except the TurboFeed stuff, but I assume this is rather unaffordable.

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  3. I've tried to get access to the eSignal APIs. In short they have told me that they only license it to "real" companies with products that will promote eSignal. They have no interest in providing the API to individuals. The cost is something like $3000, and you have to take your software through an approval process before they will let you connect to the real servers.

    To get at the data you'll have to use DDE, which is a bit antiquated, but not difficult to do.
  4. i have read before you are coding programs as well, so what is your favourite data provider ? Until now, i am using myTrack (TrackData) and i am planning to use the RealTick API soon, but after all i must say getting financial data via some useable SDK/API is really difficult. I do not understand why the semi-professional application providers will not release some coding specs (like the real pro's; reuters, bloomberg).
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    Our newest version, eSignal 7.0, is currently being offered in a pre-beta preview release. Not all features have been included yet but it provides an excellent look at our completely re-designed new Advanced Charting module :) In addition, we have added a formula engine which may suit the needs of many of the customers who have looked into getting our API.

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  6. Are there a few screenshots or list of features available for non subscribers to look at? thanks
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    eSignal Support eSignal

    Great idea! We'll work on that and post within a day or two.

  8. has the best API I've had access to. The problem is that the datafeed is unreliable. From looking at the specs, myTrack looks like a good API as well. I've also used ATFI in the days when they had an ActiveX control (that's not the case anymore). A friend of mine uses RealTicks API and is happy with it.

    I ended up just using DDE with eSignal.
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    Are you going to fix the portfolio window in the new version of eSignal so it functions more like it did in 6.1? I don't like how the new version can only handle open positions and no longer tracks closed ones.
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    Based on the feedback we got regarding the 6.2 portfolio changes, we made several adjustments and incorporated them quickly into the 6.3 release. 6.3 is primarily touted as the release for Euro Stock data but it also has these portfolio changes. Please upgrade and let us know how it works for you.

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