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  1. I signed up for the free 30 day trial for ESIGNAL, I am currently using Tradestation.

    just looking around for a user's guide I can download to read this weekend..... I cannot seem to find anything

    Software seems very different than tradestation.

    Tradestation would allow me as many workspaces as I needed open at the same time..... can I even do with with Esignal, or do I need 4 more

  2. I know that the concept of Page with tab(similar concept for the workspace) have been introduced in eSignal recently, but never used it until now (I use 8 mon. :) )
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    If you are looking for the e-Signal manual:

    go to
    click on e_Signal University
    click on e_signal Manual (upper left)

  4. Thanks, much appreciated!!
  5. Just my personal opinion...


    Tradestation blows Esignal away as far as charting. Everything else, I give the nod to esignal.

    My problem is I like to have a bunch of charts/workspaces open at the same time. It is very easy to set up multiple workspaces with TS7 and just scroll thru them as necessary. Any items that are changed on each workspace are maintained until which time you declide to close the workspace and erase or save it.

    With esignal, you can only have pages not workspace tabs. These pages are not listed on the bottom as tabs like tradestation but are unknown until you scroll thru the pages to find out which one happens to be next. There is equally some delay in scrolling thru pages, rather than tabing workspaces like TS7. Also each time you wish to draw/annotate a chart on the page then switch pages you have to decide to save it at that point..... (that sucks!!)

    Esignal does not have a Market ticker on the toolbar like TS7.

    This "fake" workspace page tabs on the top of each chart isn't fooling anyone because if I want to tab to another chart of another stock with different indicators, I would have to apply the different studies and delete the ones already there. If I wanted to just go immediately back to the same stock previously with the same indicators I just had, I would have to again delete and switch the indicators..... (is this a joke?)

    Why can't the indicators be "overlayed"? If you can program to tab indicators on a chart, why not program workspaces (pages) to be tabbed?

    Man, TS7 is going to cost $100 more a month than e-sinal set up the way I have it right now...... and unless all my above points are incorrect, it sure seems well worth it.

    Please correct me where I am wrong or mislead.

    Thank you.
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    I agree. Esignal charts and set-ups do not even come close to what I consider real charting software.

    Tradestation is one of those, but I don't like the lease bit with monthly fees and quit using Tradestation a couple of years ago when you could no longer buy the software. I use Metastock for my charting, and stock selection or analytics. It, too, has every conceivable known indicator to man - more than anyone could use.

    Esignal is just a signal provider in my case and the monthly fee is reasonable as far as I am concerned. It's as reliable as I have found and it works across the whole spectrum - futures, equities, indexes etc.

    My set-up is Metastock charts in different time scales with Esignal purely as the signal feed (and IB directly out of Esignal). I also have another charting package I use - it, too will accept Esignal input simultaneously as will many if not most well-known software packages on the market. Esignal is the prime market setter.
  7. Does Metastock have the ability to set-up multiple workspaces/pages and view them with ease, or having to keep closing and opening diferent windows to view these workspaces...?

    I have heard good things with Metastock in the past but doesn't it use a "livecharts/qcharts' data feed? I know for a fact that Q"farts" data feed is horrid as I have seen first hand in the past.

    What about linking Metastock up to IB's data feed... is that possible?

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    Metastock has multiple work spaces just like all other good software packages and it is very easy to set up multiple charts - it is also very easy to change from lets say 5 min to 10 min to daily charts with one click on the same chart. As far as charting is concerned MS generates as good a graphics display as any package.

    MS uses whatever datafeed you paid for in Esignal - live data feed in any time frame to EOD. Don't even mention QCharts. Of course you will have to pay Esignal for whatever data feed you want - live vs. EOD and whatever exchange or special service you choose. There are even a number of trading systems available which work with Esignal in combination with MS.

    As far as IB - I use it directly linked thru Esignal, not MS. Esignal is the data interface and has a built-in provision for IB interface (click on info bar on top).
  9. Correct me if I am wrong, but chart flipping in TS is slow. What I mean is, in eSignal, if I follow 40 stocks during the trading day, what I do is I load them in the morning, and then during the day I just flip through them back and forth, and the chart instantly appears.

    In TS, as far as I have been told, every time you load a symbol (even though you have already loaded it during the day), you have to wait for the data over and over again. The solution for 'quick flipping' 40 stocks, is to have 40 workspaces, one for each stock - that's a pain.

    So this fast chart flipping is one advantage of eSignal that cannot be beat, and is probably the main reason why I don't consider TS.

    Other than that I also like eSignal's seconds charts (e.g. 30sec chart). They also have tick and volume charts but I like the seconds chart better. I also like the ability to remove the title bars from windows - saves a lot of space.

  10. How can you "flip" between 40 charts?

    I use the folder/tab option on top of each chart to program what stock-interval I want to switch to, but takes forever to load, especially if I have indicators on the bottom of the chart.

    With TS, I never had a problem with slow loading unless you wanted a tick chart. Yes, with the workspaces it does respond faster, but to bring up a chart was 100x faster than Esignal, at least this is my experience.

    My problem I that I need to have 20 charts open at the same time and flip threw them with ease and without having to wait for them to load, or be prompted to "Save" each chart when I want to move to the next one. ---- How do I do this in Esignal??

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